Meet Layla – 2023 GivingTuesday

Living the Good Life In Sanctuary

Living the sweet life as a Sanctuary dog with an adoring family, Layla, the former puppy mill mama makes the most of every day. Despite having missed out on so much, she’s grown into a confident companion who loves giving her foster mom kisses and cuddling with her on the couch.

She also loves the freedom of playing outside — jumping off the couch and even beating her foster mom to the door – frisking about with her doggy foster brother and going for walks.

Fond of treats and food, she always waits politely until she’s invited to dine, but because she isn’t protective of any leftovers, she graciously allows her foster brother to clean her plate! Perhaps in return for his being such a gentle and patient role model when she first arrived, scarred and scared, but eager to spread her proverbial social butterfly wings and soar.

This GivingTuesday, won’t YOU please help us to help all of the other Laylas awaiting their own happily-ever-after endings by making a donation to GRRMF?

Your generosity is golden!


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