Meet Bailey – 2023 GivingTuesday

From Limping To Dancing

Bailey arrived confused and timid, but in what GRRMF thought was good physical health for a 6 month old pup coming from a puppy mill.

Only after a thorough exam by the GRRMF vet team was it discovered that Bailey had a condition in which bone underneath the cartilage of the joint dies due to lack of blood flow in her front legs. This condition is usually seen in older dogs, but due to her previous environment, sweet Bailey had to undergo surgery on her left leg and the right leg needed to be scoped.

Trips to the vet and for rehab were especially hard as poor Bailey didn’t ride well in cars and would become sick every time.

It took her over 6 weeks to completely recover, but recover she did! In 5 month’s time and after weeks of rehab, Bailey found her forever family.

Surgery and rehabilitation are made possible for dogs like Bailey because of the generous GivingTuesday donations made by you. We thank you and know that Bailey thanks you also.

Your generosity is golden!


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