Mariah’s pups turn 4!

Mariah's pups turn four in 2020!

Momma Mia
Hi, it’s Momma Mia.  I am celebrating Thanksgiving this year by reaching out to all of my pups, 9 of whom are turning four this month and the other two are almost 5.  Even though we cannot get together, I am looking forward to hearing from all of you. I can’t wait to know how you are doing.  Mommas never stop worrying.

For me, I am living the high life in my new home where I enjoy my walks especially since my job is to chase the hawks away.  When I’m not guarding against hawks, I socialize with everyone I see, no social distancing for me!  Since all of you have left the nest, I’ve taken to mothering Rocky, my fur sibling, who had an abusive earlier life (but not now!). I enjoy sleeping with my head tilted and hopping in bed with mom where I can hug her before she has to get up.  But best of all Mom is home with me all the time. I’m loving it.  Ok, enough about me, it’s time to hear from all of my kids.  

Hi, Momma Mia, Tacoma here.  Can you believe I’m turning 4?  I’m officially a young adult. Was I the first one to respond?  Was I always the first one to do everything, as I sure enjoy being first.   Even though my family insists I am spoiled (not), they enjoy my lying on the sofa next to them while they rub my ears and under my mouth.  Oh… it feels so good. This is definitely my favorite thing to do, but I still enjoy chasing squirrels and playing in the backyard.  I have outgrown my interest in frisbees for some reason.   I miss you, Momma Mia, but I absolutely adore my forever family.  Happy birthday to my siblings. Love and paws, Tacoma

Me,Me,Me!  I’m next! It’s Callie, who else would it be?  This turning 4 thing is hard.  Mom expects so much more of me.  She actually says she’s happy I’m growing up- that’s no fun.  We now live in a new house and I have a large fenced in back yard.  The best part is it backs up to a conservation area so I have lots of critters to bark at.  I’m told I bark too much, but I’m really trying to listen and stop barking.  I love everyone, especially my human mom and the grandkids who are close by now.  I know mom gets frustrated with me because I use my paw to demand attention when I want it.  I’m also pretty good at listening to conversations so I hide under the bed when Mom is planning on going out so she can’t put me in the kennel. She insists on my being kenneled since I learned to open doors on my own.  I really am quite smart. Now she closes the door before I can hide. Oh, I also have a sister Sophie, who is my partner in crime.  I have taught her so much.  Are you proud of me, Momma Mia?  Happy birthday to my siblings.  Love, Callie

Hi, Momma Mia, it’s Sami.  I now live on 5 acres with lots of room to run with my brother Remi and a neighbor friend. Now with all of the wildlife in the area I’ve learned to bark.  Everyone says they can hear my loud deep bark throughout the neighborhood but they don’t seem to mind.  One little girl calls me her “polar bear.”  I love lounging on the pool deck but prefer not to swim.  Sunbathing is my thing.  Love to my mom and siblings.  Happy Birthday.  Sami

Sefton and Bodhi
Greetings to all of our siblings and Mama Mia.  We’re the awesome twosome who got to stay together, Sefton and Bodhi (Murphy). We are true brothers who absolutely love being with each other.  Our mom is pretty awesome as she is in the service and helps to protect all of us.  Right now we are with the rest of the family while she is away, but we did get to go to Arizona when she was stationed there.  We went hiking in a desert and at Mt. Lemmon.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family.  Sure hope we have a family reunion soon.  Love, Sefton & Bodhi

Hi, everyone, this is Bailey checking in.  In case all of you are wondering I’m doing quite well weighing in at 100 lbs.  My family had my DNA tested and I’m 80% Great Pyrenees and my size and personality prove it.  If I do say so myself, I’m quite intelligent, very calm and of course, beautiful.  I enjoy my walks and car rides and, check this out, I get to go to doggie camp twice a week to see my friends.  I do tend to bark at other dogs when I’m walking ( I think this might be a family trait) but I’m trying.  I have a few other bad habits such as  digging holes, counter surfing (what fun) and chewing on rugs if I’m feeling neglected.  

I know, I know.. I’m trying to act like the mature dog I am, but it’s hard.  I’ll let you in on a secret though, once I turn my beautiful eyes on mom, all is forgiven! Right now I’m  a little lonely as I don’t have any fur siblings at home but mom has promised we will get a golden to keep me company.  I can’t wait. Well, good-bye for now.  Don’t eat too much turkey.  Love and paws, Bailey

Lily Nina
Hi, it’s Lily Nina, here.  I am so excited to be turning 4.  Actually my mom said 3 was the turning point for me so being 4 is no big deal.  My sweetness was never in question, but I had separation anxiety issues and I tended to chew, especially the furniture. But once I reached 3 years old, I decided life was good  and didn’t have to worry anymore. My family even purchased new furniture to celebrate.  I love playing with my fur siblings and  swimming in the pool. Since I’ve grown up I know to wait until I’m allowed to go in. I’m an important part of this family, as I have to patrol the yard and even jump at the wall to keep the critters out.  I also get to go visit friends at daycare.  Dad is my favorite human; I love riding in his truck so weekends are the best for me.  I’m now a happy, loving, well adjusted young adult.  I hope all of you get your very own cake for your birthdays.  Love, Lily Nina

Hi, Momma Mia, Graycie here.  I’m sending my love to you momma and all of my siblings.  It’s so good to catch up with everyone.  I’m a lovable, sweet, loyal and gentle lap dog. Don’t laugh, I can be a lap dog if I want. My family complains  that I have no concept of my size.  Doesn’t matter; they love me to pieces especially when I hold them in place with my dainty paw.   I enjoy road trips in the car and get quite excited when we are ready to go.  Morning walks are a must but now that it’s a little cooler, I love going out to snooze on the patio; I’m told I’m the queen of the pool.  I still tuck a paw under me when resting, but I really enjoy being on my back with my front paws touching the wall. At night I get comfy in my crate, and I really don’t want to get up in the morning.  Hey, I’m a teenager, what teenager wants to get up?  My favorite food you ask?  Definitely not string beans- PIZZA.  I am pretty good at swiping a piece off a plate if no one is looking. (My size comes in handy here). I do tend to have the same trait as some of the rest of you.  I love to bark, especially in the morning and evening.  I feel it’s my job to let my family know there’s people around.  Well, that’s it for me.  Love and  sloppy kisses to all of my family,  Graycie

Happy birthday everyone.  Looks like this group have a love of barking.  I just have to bark at every dog who walks by our window.  I just can’t help myself.  (At least I’m not digging holes.)  Other than that I spend as much time as I can with my second grade brother.  I’ve had skin allergies ever since I was a pup and it’s quite annoying, but my parents keep trying to find what will work for me.  Oh, I forgot to tell you.  I now live in Alabama and it’s much cooler here, which I really like.  Love, Sophie

It’s so good to know all of my family have super good homes just like I do.  I now have a human brother and sister.  My job is to look after them; if they cry I’m the first one on the scene.  I am gentle and sweet with my little charges.  We have a pool but I’d rather lie on the pool deck and nap than swim.  I really enjoy trying to dig my way through the tiles or better yet digging in the dirt. Imagine what I look like when I’m done.  I guess I inherited this digging thing from someone in my family, Mom? Is this your fault?  I do enjoy my walks especially when we go camping.  There’s so much to see and do and so many new people to meet.  Everyone wants to know about me.  I’m a perfect fit for my family and couldn’t be happier.  Love and birthday wishes to my younger siblings,  Love, Ridge.

Happy birthday to all of my siblings from their older and wiser sister, Misty.  I’m definitely the oldest as I was already 8 months old before the rest of you were even born.  Poor mama, she had her paws full with all of you.  My new family dotes on me and couldn’t imagine life without me. They describe me as a runway model because of my beautiful coat and winning smile when I stroll down the street.  I just love everyone but especially my little chihuahua boyfriend, Ringo.  I also get to go on playdates with my good friends.  When we get home I enjoy stretching out with my feet in the air and tongue hanging out for a belly and ear rub.  If my loved ones even think for one second that it’s time to stop, the Pyr Paw comes out.  When no one is looking, I sneak up on the couch or chair for a nap. Since I have to watch my girlish figure, my favorite snack is string beans.  I get so excited when mom brings them out. Ok, siblings,  here’s some advice from big sister-don’t ever forget how loved all of you are and how thankful we are to GRRMF for finding such perfect homes for us.  Happy birthdays, Love, Misty


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