K9 Nose Work and Training Tips

K9 Nose Work and Signs of Stress

Many thanks to Katie Obringer from For Paws and Noses Dog Training, for introducing the amazing dog sport of K9 Nose Work.  This is an amazing dog sport open to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes, building on a dog’s natural scenting ability  Katie gave a demonstration  for beginner dogs using cardboard boxes and high value treats.  The boxes were shuffled around and the dog was sent to find the right box with the treat in it.  Katie explained how this fun sport for companion dogs can teach a dog to use their natural scenting abilities, provides the dog with mental and physical stimulation and develops teamwork and bonding between humans and canines.

Following the K9 Nose Work demonstration, Katie was available to answer individual training and behavior questions on leash walking, stays, fearfulness, dog reactivity, introducing dogs to other dogs correctly and various other questions after adopting a dog.  Handouts were provided on K9 Nose Work and identifying signs of stress in dogs.

Click on these links for the handouts: GRRMF K9 Seminar Handout  and Signs of Stress.

by Ellen Steiger




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