Holiday Hazards

Keeping Fido Safe!

Make the holiday season merry and bright for your dog by avoiding these potential dangers. A little bit of prevention could save you an emergency vet visit.

Indulge yourself with festive foods but keep the treats away from your furry friend.

Chocolate, turkey and turkey skin, yeast doughs, table scraps, candy and sweet baked goods are all on the naughty list. Cooked bones can splinter easily creating choking hazards while sugar substitutes can lead to low blood sugar levels and even liver failure. And remember your dog is under 21 so no alcohol.

Decorations are wonderful for creating holiday magic, just make sure your pets can’t reach them. Water additives for Christmas trees can include toxins. Ornaments, tinsel, electric lights, candles, and potpourris seem like fun toys to dogs and all of them can be dangerous. Keep festive plants including balsam, pine, lilies, cedar, holly, poinsettias, mistletoe, and amaryllis well out of your dog’s grasp.

At night or when you leave the house make sure unplug decorations and take the trash out to avoid temptations.

Being aware of potential pet holiday hazards is the best way to insure a safe and joyful celebration.

For more information, please click here to read an article from the Whole Dog Journal.


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