Meet our Photographers!

Meet our Photographers!

When all therapy visits were suspended in March 2020 due to COVID, our Hearts of Gold pups were not happy to be “temporarily unemployed.” They missed visiting their friends at schools, senior facilities and campuses. Thanks to our wonderful photographers, Mike and Renee, we are able to share the joy our pups bring to others through new social media avenues and create our very own GRRMF Hearts of Gold YouTube Channel!

Our east coast photographer, Mike, began volunteering his talents in late 2019. Mike captured many interactions of our pups visiting with disabled children, seniors and college students and gained a deep respect for therapy work. When COVID suspended our therapy visits, Mike was instrumental in easing us into the new virtual world by creating our GRRMF Hearts of Gold YouTube Channel, developing videos and posting on YouTube  to share with those we could no longer personally visit. Experiencing first hand the joy that our therapy pups bring to others, Mike and Leah adopted a sweet girl Bella, put in the extra hours for training and were overjoyed when she passed her CGC with flying colors. Bella is now one of our therapy pups and loves dancing in front of Dad’s camera lens at many of our outside events. Her love for therapy work shines, just like her proud parents. Without Mike’s commitment to the program and his knowledge, we would still be struggling to reach our seniors and faithful followers.

Our west coast photographer, Renee,  has been volunteering her talents for many years with GRRMF.  Her photos of our beloved dogs in foster care, special memories captured at our reunions and parades in Safety Harbor and Clearwater are on our website and Facebook pages.  When we began creating videos with our west coast therapy teams during the summer of 2020, Renee quickly raised her paw to assist our Hearts of Gold program.  Having three pups of her own, she knows the special joy they can bring to others. Renee has a full schedule with work, family and park outings every weekend for her fur companions, but she is always available to meet our dog/handler teams at scheduled events. She loves to capture their smiles and antics on her camera and assist Mike with creating new videos of west coast events.


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