Hearts of Gold visit Barry University School of Law

Hearts of Gold visit Barry University School of Law

Hearts of Gold received a special request from Barry University School of Law (Orlando) for therapy teams to be on campus after students finish their law exams.  We had the privilege of being with these young adults and our pups were very helpful in eliminating their stress and it was a huge success. The students work very hard preparing for their finals and destressing with our fur babies will be a beautiful moment for each of them.

At their recent visit to Barry University School of Law, our Hearts of Gold pups raised the bar of spreading affection and love.  And, as you can see at https://youtu.be/IOlqezTj_eo  and  https://youtu.be/1LHGnB-jl5I, these law school students certainly offered no objections and happily sat down to enjoy all the puppy affection they could. Taking time to enjoy each other’s company is a resolution we can all get behind!


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