GRRMF Calendar

2018 GRRMF Calendars For Sale

 Order your 2018 calendar here!!

Shipments start early October 2017!

Calendars start at $12 each plus shipping.
The more you order, the lower the shipping price.
Order five calendars for only $61.00 including shipping!
Order ten or more and pay only $10 each and receive free shipping!

Our calendar is special as every dog featured was saved by GRRMF. While you enjoy 12 months of cute smiling faces you are also helping goldens in our program receive much needed veterinary care.  How do we raise $13,000 (one month’s medical expenses) from our calendar fundraiser??  By filling one order at a time and selling out our entire inventory!! YOU can help us by ordering today!!

Need holiday gifts for your friends, family, coworkers or clients? How about GRRMF calendars? We can ship you a box of 5, 10, 20, or more.  If you order 10 or more shipping is free.  What could be easier for your holiday gift giving?

If you would like more information or have any questions for us, please email us at:

We offer two ways to receive your calendars:

To order by mail, print out a calendar order form and mail it to us along with your check.

To order online, select the appropriate button below and pay via paypal or credit card. PLEASE remember to share your mailing address with GRRMF when asked during your online order to ensure prompt delivery!

One Calendar

Two Calendars

Three Calendars

Five Calendars

Ten Calendars

20 Calendars

$10 Each
More than 20 Calendars