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Golden Angel

Each year our golden’s in foster care make out their Christmas lists……food, biscuits, tennis balls, stuffed toys, medical care, heartworm preventative, leashes, collars, supplements, medicines……..oh and more biscuits and toys!!

This year has given us many challenges, with too many dogs rushed to the emergency room at a moment’s notice, too many complex surgeries, and veterinary bills that are likely to top $160,000 for the year. That is over $13,000 a month. The gifts received from you, our golden angels, help to restore our bank account to start the new year.

golden with holly head wreath and necklace

Our Golden Angel Campaign brings the needed gifts to our treasury to help fund the care for our sweet foster dogs.  This time of year we always look up at the stars and hope Santa will be good to us…. because we depend on your Golden Angel Donation to fund a large portion of our rescue effort. We sure hope Santa is generous, as we can’t help many dogs with a stocking full of coal! Our dogs are blessed because so many of you are generous and care deeply about their needs.  Our Golden Angel donors truly have a heart of gold.

Giving a gift is so simple – just click the link above to donate. Or, print out this Golden Angel Donation form and mail it to us. Remember, your gift is always recognized in our quarterly print newsletter. You’ll also receive a tax receipt letter in the mail.  Thank you so very much.


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If you are writing us about adopting a dog and do not have an adoption application on file with us, use this link to review our policies and process and complete an application.

If you have completed our adoption application, and/or have another inquiry, please use the email link to contact us.

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