Doglympic Games

Let the Games begin:

Another great year for the participants and those of us watching the furries and their families enjoying the Doglympic games! Led by our wonderful volunteers, Dave and Cindy Dillman, golf ball olympics-optthey registered, herded and supported 4 fun filled games for humans and canines alike. Cindy introduced a new game this year…golf ball relay…which was a favorite with 19 canines walking beside their human while their humans balanced a golf ball in a spoon while holding the dogs leash and navigating a pathway in the enclosure. Fun and lots of laughter and tough competition!

Our US Navy Seabee Cadets cadet (2)were such a super support team again this year and helped with the set up and tear down, timing and scoring and most importantly guarded the gates to ensure no 4 legged escapee’s! We thank our additional volunteers Nancy Swift, Clark Woods and Barry Holliday and all the participants who made this year’s games the best yet!

Here is a list of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the Doglympics:

Tennis Ball Retrieval

(Ages 0-6)

Gold:   KC Cascio      Silver:   Honey Kahn

(Ages >6)

Gold:   Gracie Hedge     Silver:   Ashley Norton     Bronze:   Pancake Woster

Popcorn Toss:

(Ages 0-6)

Gold:   Bella Burgner     Silver:   KC Cascio     Bronze:   Clark Jones

(Ages >6)

Gold:   Montana Holliday     Silver:   Gracie Hedge     Bronze:   Ashley Norton

Sit & Stay:

(Ages 0-6)

Gold:   Riley Gerrity     Silver:   Raspberry Gerrity     Bronze:   Riley Miller

(Ages >6)

Gold:   Ashley Norton     Silver:   Kiki Bender     Bronze:   Brandi Bender

Golf Ball Relay:

(Ages 0-6)

Gold:   Clark Jones     Silver:   Riley Gerrity     Bronze:   Raspberry Gerrity

(Ages >6)

Gold:   Sadie Francis     Silver:   Brandi Bender     Bronze:   Stormy Broida

Congratulations to all participants!


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