Ivan Fred #3498

Ivan Fred #3498

3498IvanFredIFP_opt 350

Age: 10 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 78 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Many seniors would become sad and shy away when their world was turned upside down – Not this boy who will lean into you harder and harder for some affection!   Ivan is a snuggle bug who wants to be loved and enjoys a good belly rub.  He loves to be your companion anywhere you go, especially in the car.  3498IvanFredEFP (2)Much excitement is displayed when he is on leash, but he does know his commands and listens well. He enjoys his walks and doesn’t seem bothered by creatures, such as ducks or squirrels, that are encountered on leash.  His foster mom has learned to keep the paper towels handy when he sees a treat because he starts salivating instantly!  “Pogo” is his nickname at feeding time as he will jump up and down while his meal is being prepared.3498IvanFredFFP (2)

Ivan has a majestic stance as he gazes at something, proudly holding his head high stretching out his long body.  Every now and then, Ivan will engage in a game of fetch, but he would much rather play with a stuffed toy.  He has experienced ear infections in the past because of the shape of his ear canals, so his new family must be willing to give Ivan’s ears the extra care they need.

This affectionate senior wants nothing more than the confirmation that he has found his forever family.  He is such a doll with lots of love to give and yearns for that unconditional love in return.3498IvanFredGFP (2)