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Suzy and GRRMF need your help! Suzy arrived at GRRMF in 2015 from a bad breeder and lived in the woods her entire young life. She was adopted in July 2015 however recently came back into the loving arms of GRRMF as her family was concerned for her welfare. At her tender age now of 19 months old, Suzy started to have seizures. Her required testing to achieve the correct diagnosis and treatment and short term care is expected to exceed $2500.3244SuzyMonicaCFP small

We are in desperate need of your help to be Suzy’s financial caregiver. Our medical account expenses continue to be stretched more than ever to ensure we can remain strong to our commitment to help as many goldens as we possibly can go on to live happy and healthy lives.

Your donation enables us to meet our commitment for Suzy.  Thank you!


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