Gigi Doris Success Story

Gigi Doris Success Story

From puppy mill momma to happily-ever-after, GiGi is now living the most loved of lives.

After fostering GiGi for three weeks, and seeing how well her service dog Jericho interacted with her and how bonded they had become, her mom officially made GiGi a member of their family. The family dynamic changed instantly as everyone took part in her journey, watching her grow braver and more adventurous by the day. Her daughters absolutely adore GiGi and GiGi adores getting doted on by them.

Clearly missing her puppies, GiGi “gathers” or “hoards” items she loves. Normally, it’s something from each family member like a sock, a slipper, a scrunchie or even a hairbrush. Then she adds her favorite small pink doughnut toy to the pile, wraps herself around them and snuggles them. Both touching and sweet, everyone knows where to look – in her “nesting” spot – when something’s missing. Then, when they find it, she gets all excited and jumps around.


In the morning, when GiGi sees her mom’s eyes open, she does zoomies on the bed, spins on her butt before she comes to a stop, then rolls over for belly rubs to say “good morning.” But what truly makes her mom’s day is what GiGi does when she sees them arrive home from her spot by the window. She promptly grabs whatever is close and meets them at the door with it in her mouth and her whole body wiggling, hopping around and throwing her two front paws in the air! 


GiGi’s favorite pastime is snuggling. She loves blankets and if her mom sits on the couch, covered with a blanket, she comes over and curls up beside her. And her way of curling up is adorable. She scoots her butt over and on top of her mom’s leg and lets it slide down until she’s on the couch. That’s how close she must be to her mom when they snuggle. And her mom has to rub her face until she falls asleep, just as she did with her own daughters when they were babies! 


GiGi loves car rides and has gone to the park and on nature walks. As long as Jericho is there, she has the confidence to have fun. But best of all was when she began initiating play with him and obeying her first command “sit.” She now sits waiting patiently, wagging her cute heavy tail at every meal or for a snack after going potty.


As a disabled veteran, GiGi’s mom sees so much of herself in GiGi, who’s just the gentlest and most sensitive soul. Eternally grateful to have been chosen first as her foster mom and then as her forever mom, she insists that GiGi saved them more than they saved her. She and her daughters will never be able to mend what was done to their precious girl but they will fill the rest of her life with all the love and kisses they can give her — and maybe one too many treats every now and again!  



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