Special need dogs

Because of you.......

With a grateful heart this holiday season, some of our special need dogs wanted to express how much they appreciated your generous donations this year to help them heal –


 Sadie Dottie – Thank you for donating for my knee surgeries. After two months of limited activity for recovery, then rehabilitation, I was adopted and now thriving! I even won a DogOlympic medal at the GRRMF annual reunion!


Peter Jasper – Although I’m very little and likely not much golden in my genes, you saved me and helped me to walk again without pain. Now I run like the wind in my new forever home where I am cherished.  Thank you for caring for a little pixie like me.


 Seamus Fred – I was only an 8 month old boy when I was surrendered and needed major surgery for my shoulder and hip. Too much for me to handle and your generosity gave me a chance for happiness. Today I’m a rocking youngster in my forever home. You are my hero and you rock too!


 Sefton Afton – I was born in a GRRMF foster home when my pregnant mom was rescued by GRRMF and I was adopted when I was a little pup. I developed a problem with my back leg as I was growing up and GRRMF saved me again. You gave me a chance for comfort and happiness through your continuing donations for my ongoing surgery and I’m loved in my foster family until I’m ready to find my forever home.  I’m getting healthy and happier because of you. Thank you!


 Kenya Jayne – I was an 11 year old senior gal rescued from a shelter and arrived with hookworms, heartworm positive and mammary tumors.  My loving GRRMF foster home took me in, nursed me back to good health and became my wonderful forever home. I love you so much for contributing to my medical fund and not giving up on me because I am old gold.


 Leo Madison – I was 3 years young when diagnosed with a terminal liver disease and GRRMF wrapped their arms around me and placed me in a GRRMF Sanctuary home. Thanks to your treasured donations, they can afford my care to keep me strong and loved for the time I have left with my loving humans. I am so thankful for donors like you who help pups like me and hope you will consider making a donation to our program to be our Golden Angel and hero.


To save lives – these dogs would not have any options without our intervention. Thankfully you have been there with your support to fund our medical and sanctuary programs and we are honored to have helped them on their journey to a wonderful life. Please help our goldens again through your generosity during this special time to give thanks for our blessings this year.


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