Sophie Aubrey #3771

Sophie Aubrey #3771

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 78 lbs.

Status: Medical Hold

Hello, I’m Sophie! I was lovingly surrendered to GRRMF after my owner lost his job and had to relocate.

I was a bit skittish when I arrived at my foster home since I wasn’t really sure what was going on. However, my foster dad’s dog, Hoover, made me feel comfortable and was happy to show me around and I soon settled down.

Speaking of Hoover, he is AWESOME! We love playing with each other and will wrestle and run around, following each other most of the time. We play chase and fetch with a ball, and I bring it back and chase Hoover when it’s his turn to retrieve! Walks are fascinating to me, and my foster dad thinks that I hadn’t had much exposure to the outside world before I came here. But, I am a puppy so I still have a long life ahead! I really enjoy exploring, though, so my foster dad has to watch me to make sure I don’t swallow things that I try to get in my mouth on walks. Chasing birds and lizards is fun for me, but I don’t usually give them too much trouble. I love water and enjoy going into my foster dad’s walk in shower! I’m still a little wary of the pool though, so I haven’t taken that plunge.

Attention and affection are some of my favorite things, and my foster dad says that I’m more “superglue” than Velcro! I love to cuddle and be near my humans. I’m not fond of being groomed, but I’ve turned it into a game with my foster dad, making him try to sneak the brush past me! I’m a very hyper puppy so I love to run and play, which can make it challenging for him. Sudden noises and strange things can make me skittish at first, but with reassurance I am fine. I just need more exposure and I’m sure I will get over these things. Hugs and kisses are my favorite ways to greet people! Being an energetic puppy, I like to jump on them too, but my foster dad’s working on that with me.

I do my best to behave and I am very well trained when it comes to going outside to potty. I know exactly how to get my foster dad’s attention to let me out! I’m very good at the sit command and I respond to it when it’s time to get my leash on for walks. I’m a very good girl around the house and I don’t need to be crated.

I used to have an ear infection, but my foster dad thinks that it’s passed and we’ll see what the animal doctor says! I’m also a bit overweight, but my foster dad says that with all the exercise I’m getting, I should have no trouble losing the extra pounds!

My foster dad says that I am a joy and that my future family will have a very sweet pet. I’m ready for the start of my new adventure and can’t wait for a new family to love on!




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