Scout Mona #3631

Scout Mona #3631

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 47 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Meet Scout and Atticus, our newest bonded pair.  Arriving in the loving arms of GRRMF due to a change in family dynamics, these two have proven to have a strong bond with one another.  Scout and Atticus are well behaved and are becoming more and more acquainted to their new foster home.

Scout is Atticus’ shadow, going nowhere without him.  She and Atticus checked out their new foster home upon arrival, attached at the hip!  The new surroundings were unfamiliar but they both explored with happy curiosity.  Scout loves to play with her big brother and will often instigate him to a good wrestling match or game of chase.  Scout loves to carry toys around with her in her mouth, casually tossing them in the air to catch!  If you are missing a shoe, be sure to check Scout as she may have mistaken it for a toy and carried it off, unscathed!  She loves to be outside in the grass, laying on the porch observing or going for nice walks in the park.  Scout is very much a Velcro dog, following you everywhere, even into the bathroom!  She is very careful, however, to not get caught under your feet.  Like Atticus, Scout has had no exposure to other dogs, just each other, and she seems unphased by them when seen on leash in the park.  Scout has made great improvements since being at foster mom’s house in regards to responding to mom’s commands when unsure instead of instinctively looking to big brother Atticus.

Atticus has proven to be a great big brother to Scout.  He always makes sure that she is not far behind.  He is willing to share his toys and play wrestle with Scout.  Atticus enjoys chasing the lizards around the pool but hasn’t shown an interest in swimming.  One thing that Atticus is always up for is having a playful game of chase with his sister.    Learning new things intrigues Atticus.  Atticus needs to build self-confidence and have faith that his foster mom won’t lead him into unsafe situations.  Mom and a trainer have been working with him as he has shown to be unsure when faced with meeting new people, other dogs and children.  The fact that new things intrigue Atticus is a good sign that with gentle guidance he will be successful in learning that these situations are not scary.  Due to being a big brother to Scout, Atticus takes on a protective role when approached by others.  Atticus is completely housebroken, well behaved when mom is at work all day and has run of the house with no crating needed.  Having his belly rubbed and a good scratch behind his ears are one of his favorite daily activities.

Scout and Atticus each have their unique personality but look to having each other nearby for security.  They love the company of each other and enjoy snuggling and playing together throughout the day.  They are young beauties that are looking for that special family that wants some double golden sunshine in their life.