Scooter Fletcher # 4047

Scooter Fletcher # 4047

Age: 5 1/2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Scooter sure does look like Prince Charming with his silky royal coat and orange throne.  GRRMF received this gorgeous boy from the Louisiana Transport Program and we are happy to have this wonderful dog in our care.  

Unfortunately, Scooter joins the ranks of being heart worm positive along with many dogs that haven’t been given heart worm preventative and live in hot and humid states with large populations of mosquitoes.  Heartworm disease, caused by larvae carrying mosquitoes who infect the dog, is potentially life threatening if left untreated.  A series of shots, bloodwork and follow ups with vets need to be administered for the next four month before Scooter will be cleared for adoption and able to find his forever home.  

Scooter will be finding great comfort in the orange blanket as he will need to be kept calm with low levels of activity throughout his heart worm treatment.  With the help of our professionals, volunteers and generous supporters, we will be able to treat and care for Scooter until he is well.  Scooter’s prognosis is good and with the proper treatments and rest he will be able to live a long and happy life.  

When our Royal Prince isn’t slaying the heart worm dragon, he will be enjoying belly rubs, grooming, gentle walks and learning to play with the multitude of toys that have been lavished upon him.  Scooter loves being around all people; not just next to you but leaning or touching you.  He’s a beautiful, loving, sweet and calm boy who wants to please you and be the center of your world.  

Our sweet prince is housebroken, trustworthy, good with children and loves the lady dogs! He is a discerning judge when meeting his own gender and doesn’t care for rowdy, rude boy dogs.  Scooter hasn’t been introduced to cats but his curiosity was aroused when he saw one run by him.  He is careful and mindful of slippery wood floors and stairs: he must have read articles on ACL tears in dogs and how to prevent injuries. Being a quiet gentleman, he isn’t a fan of loud noises, trucks and fast cars but he sure will meet the DoorDash driver at the door if it means some attention and affection. 

Scooter has months to go while he receives and tolerates his heart worm treatments. With his dedicated foster mom by his side, caring for his every need, this Prince Charming will be as good as new when he meets his forever family.  “All Scooter craves and wants is love, attention and to be with his special someone,” claims his loving foster mom.  Won’t you let this gallant and loving boy be your ‘knight in shining armor’ – forever ?


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