Sasha Jessey #3760

Sasha Jessey #3760

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 47 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption



Update: November 4, 2019

Our little lady, Sasha is settling in nicely at her new foster home, her foster family are totally in love with this sweetie. Their 15 year old golden, got them hooked on the breed and Sasha is one lucky girl to be in such a wonderful home.  This two and a half year old is a beautiful cream color with a coal black nose and deep brown eyes that melt your heart.  She’s a laid back, petite beauty who rarely gets overly excited – except when her people have been out and return home.  With heartworm treatment ongoing, she must remain calm, her foster family have found a way to calm her by sitting on the floor just inside the door to love on her until she settles down.  

Sasha and her foster sister enjoy the luxury of having full windows on all the exterior doors which provides them with a full view of all the activities outside.  Besides enjoying the view, Sasha’s other favorite activities are eating and getting her ears and face rubbed for hours. 

Her foster mom reports that Sasha loves bananas, peanut butter, yogurt, lamb lung and chicken treats.  Her going to crate appetizer is a frozen kong filled with peanut butter, yogurt and banana – yummy!  

On spa day, Sasha is well behaved during her bath and dental cleaning.  She isn’t a fan of getting in the car, but once aboard she settles in for the ride.  Sasha has been showing off her 101 obedience education by displaying a perfect sit when receiving treats and her barking alerts stop when she is acknowledged for her keen guard dog abilities -keep up the good work girl!

Her foster mom says that “this soft gorgeous love bug will be so excited when she is cleared from heartworms and can be allowed to run zoomies and twirl dance like her little heart desires”.

Sasha is still under veterinary care for her heartworm disease.  Heartworm treatment is expenses and this sweet girl still needs your help.  Please give what you can and know that Sasha will being twirling with delight because of your generous hearts.  

When the call came in that a shelter had a heartworm positive golden that needed medical treatment, GRRMF came to her rescue.

This lovely lady just loves being with her new foster family.  While her furry foster siblings went to doggy daycare, Sasha was given a solo walk through of her new foster home so she could explore and get acquainted on her own. When the three other family dogs came home, Sasha greeted them with glee and excitement.  Everyone got along great and Sasha is enjoying being with her foster mom, dad and three fur buddies. 

She loves to play with the other dogs, but sadly her activities must be limited at this time since she is being treated for heartworm.  Sasha isn’t moping around, she rests quietly, chews on her toys and watches everyone with a smile on her face. 

Sasha doesn’t discriminate, she loves to be petted and rubbed and to follow all her people around; she is also an independent girl that can entertain herself with her toys and chew bones.  Even though this little sweetie is a work in progress when it comes to basic manners and potty training, she is one smart cookie in learning to follow the lead of other dogs, she knows when to back off or when to play.

When the thunder rolls, Sasha isn’t overly afraid of the storms; she goes to her crate, under a table or on the couch with her face buried in the cushions. She has made it clear that she isn’t a fan of getting her pretty creamy colored toes wet and prefers waiting out the rain.

 With the patience and love of her foster family, Sasha is learning that counters aren’t for surfing and obedience 101 isn’t all that bad.  Despite her health issues and life experiences, her foster mom has reported that she is a very sweet girl with a loving personality and a happy- go-lucky attitude. 

Sasha has just begun her treatments for heartworm, she has a few more miles still to go to become the healthy young girl that can give her new family unconditional love and devotion.  Your generous donations will keep that smile on her face and her heart will be forever grateful!


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