Sammy Denver #3694

Sammy Denver #3694

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 100 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

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This handsome lad will melt your heart.  Sammy is a loving and happy boy as long as he is king of the castle!

If Sammy were a person, you might call him the class clown.  He’s fun, energetic, smart and the life of the party.  He has an infectious personality that makes everyone love him.  However, Sammy is used to getting things this own way and doesn’t like it when a toy is taken away from him or his paws are touched.  GRRMF has brought in a trainer to work with Sammy and his foster parents to help him redirect his reactions and those bad habits he has formed over the years.  His new family will need to continue his training.  Sammy’s a bright boy, he knows many commands and is eager to please, so his training sessions should prove successful.  Continue to check in on Sammy and see how he improving.

Sammy loves to chew on toys, his foster dad says, “He is rarely without a toy.  He loves both soft toys and hard bones.  You can usually find him on his bed chewing.”  But Sammy is not destructive; he doesn’t need a crate at all.

Outside, Sammy is the ultimate lizard chaser.  Inside, he’s a super cuddly snuggler, but not such a Velcro dog that he needs to be right next to his foster parents all the time.  He’s happy just to know where they are in the house.  Open the car door and Sammy is raring to go.  Not a big fan of baths, he tolerates them well enough.

Sammy needs patient and caring parents to help him learn good doggie manners.  He’s a diamond in the ruff ready to give the right family all the unconditional love he can give.  Do you have the time and desire to give Sammy what he so urgently needs?


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