Remi Mercy #3944

Remi Mercy #3944

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 68 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


Bonjour dear friends, my name is Remi and I’m a super friendly, mellow gal from Louisiana. 

GRRMF has been helping a number of us sweet, adorable pups out so we can get some medical attention and find our forever homes.  

Before I tell you all the good things about me, I wanted to let you know that I tested positive for Heartworm and for those nasty Whipworms.  No big deal on the Whipworm, it should be cleared up quickly but the heartworm treatment is another story. The vet said that it can be life threatening if left untreated and that I will have to undergo a series of shots and other medical procedures for a four month period before I can move on to enjoy my life.  With GRRMF at the helm and the special care from the vets and my foster family, I’m confident I will be good as new in a few months. My activity will have to be limited and I will need lots of rest and a healthy diet. It’s a good thing I’m a mellow gal that doesn’t go all crazy like other dogs I know.  

Look at this profile, why do I need to run around all stressed and crazy with these cute looks! I can just hang out around my foster mom’s feet while she is working at her desk and encourage her to pet and scratch my head while she is pondering her next executive thought.  When I’m not following her around, I like being around my foster fur sister, Lizzie, who is one of GRRMF’s Sanctuary dogs. My foster family and Lizzie like my mellow personality and the fact I don’t hog all the food (even though I want to because I love to eat).  The critters in the backyard love me too, I could care less about those lizards, squirrels and bunnies; I’m not even a fan of squeaky toys or chewy things.  My foster family doesn’t have any cats, but my record reflects that I do well with them.  As for children, I haven’t seen any here yet but I’m happy with everyone I meet so I think I would dig them too.  

I have been relearning potty training with my foster family and they are teaching me to take treats gently. I come when I’m called, sit nicely and I lay down and settle easily.  I also will go to my crate if my foster family has visitors that aren’t accustom to being around dogs.  

My favorite thing to do is to go for leisurely walks and I’m pretty good on the leash when I wear my harness.  My foster family is taking me camping and I can’t wait for this new adventure -I’ll keep you posted on that!

In the meantime, I want to thank GRRMF and all of their volunteers, professionals and supporters who help dogs like me.  We might not have a chance for a forever home if it wasn’t for the caring and kindness you share to make us well and happy. I’m smiling just thinking about what a wonderful life I will have.


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