Reef Jenson #3541

Reef Jenson #3541

Age: 4.5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 70 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

This beautiful boy’s owner had to move out of the country and Reef was unable to go.

Reef arrived at his foster family’s home, with his mellow and gentle nature, ready to love again. He is so happy when it is time to go for his walks and is friendly with each person and creature (children and cats included) that he meets along the way.

Although Reef is still young, his energy level is to ‘go with the flow’, which is typical of his sweet and kind character. He is ready to play with his family or amuse himself if necessary. He is never destructive, even when left alone for several hours. He is intelligent, quick to learn and always tries to please. He enjoys being around his humans and lies peacefully at their sides whenever they are relaxing. He has even done well during the summer storms and the boom of fireworks.

He enjoys being groomed – and his foster mom reports that he has lots of hair, so his “fur” ever family will need to commit to brushing him! Thank goodness, he seems to enjoy it, because he has lots of pretty hair that does need to be brushed daily.

Although Reef keeps a close watch on his humans when they are eating, he does not overtly beg and will lay down when told. Reef knows his basic commands and is working with his family on not jumping. Although he barks and jumps on the door when his family leaves, he just needs to watch them go and then happily sleeps while he waits for their return. He has responded well to his foster family’s very consistent commands to stay down and loves to be praised when he does a good job.

His tongue can often be found hanging out on the right side of his mouth and makes him look so adorable. With beautiful eyes, Reef will melt your heart when he looks at you! It’s as if he is smiling right at you. Is this beautiful fluffy treasure in your future?