Peter Jaspar #3354

Peter Jaspar #3354

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 12 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

The sweetest golden “want to be” with Maximum Personality and Love

Amount raised for his surgery and care as of 8/15/17 – $125.00

Thank you!

I want to help Peter!

This adorable pup was in a shelter with nowhere to go – we would like to think that pixie dust blew him our way. The photo we saw looked like a golden pup in a crate but when we arrived at the shelter, we quickly realized this 12 lb. little guy had golden personality plus and refused to grow up…hence his special name… Peter for Peter Pan! We could not leave this little one behind to die so scooped him up and brought him into rescue.

Upon his arrival, it was obvious that Peter’s bone structure was very unusual.  In fact, he wasn’t using his right back leg, especially when it came time to run – which for this playful guy was often.  When he walked or stood, his leg didn’t hold any weight.  It was determined that he may have had hip fractures which healed improperly. Peter had surgery right away on his right hip and has been recuperating with his foster family. His next challenge is to get him to use his right leg so that it will get strong enough for surgery on the other hip.  Like Peter Pan, he may appear to be the golden that never grew up – but make no mistake he has a brave heart and is up to the task.

Peter has a challenging road ahead of him, but there is no doubt that he will handle it with sweetness and gusto and will give it all he’s got. The delicate surgeries on this little boy are costly but we believe he is worth it and he is such a grateful boy!

If those beautiful brown eyes melt your heart the way they’ve melted ours, please consider helping us cover his  medical costs that will give Peter the ability to leap and frolic into his furever home.

Peter has King Charles Cavalier eyes, a Dachshund body and golden ears, tail and heart.  His personality is truly golden and he gives his foster mom sweet kisses every time she holds him.

Peter is a little love bug and always wants to be close to his foster siblings (four goldens and one cat).  He is great with the dogs, despite the fact that they are at least five times larger than Peter.  If he gets too crazy with playing, his big canine sister  puts her huge paw softly on him or calmly holds him with her arm.  How amazing is that!  He is very curious about the cat and since his sibling cat is just about his size – he may never leave cats alone. Peter is very brave and isn’t afraid of anything! He loves every toy that he is given and, in true golden fashion, tennis balls are his favorite.

Thank you for opening your heart to help this special little boy and GRRMF!