Pebbles Alex #4209

Pebbles Alex #4209

Age: 7 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 67 lbs.

Status: Matched for Adoption

To be eligible to adopt Pebbles, you must be an approved adopter of GRRMF. If you are already on our approved adopter waiting list, an adoption coordinator will contact you if you are matched to meet this pup’s needs. Visit our How to Adopt page to review our process, policies and application.  Please pay special attention to the sections on puppy facts, children and dogs and fences on our website prior to submitting an application for a puppy.

If you look up “Velco dog” in the dictionary, you just might find a picture of Pebbles. Sweet, sensitive and loves being with his humans more than anything, Pebbles is the dog you’ve been looking for.

Pebbles is recuperating from his neuter surgery very well, but according to his foster mom that hasn’t stopped him from playing with his golden foster sister, Kali. He has learned to lizard hunt in the backyard and doesn’t really seem to notice the squirrels – yet.

What does Pebbles like? Toys (full disclosure, squishy pumpkin is the current favorite). And among other things, belly rubs, car rides, being groomed, playing fetch, and of course, going on walks.

What doesn’t he like? Being a Velcro dog means Pebbles follows his people around the house and loves to be with them at all times. He is not a big fan of being alone, cue the puppy dog eyes. Rest assured, he is working on self-soothing techniques when he is alone, including cuddling up with his stuffies, which seems to be working.

And although his surrender history noted that he didn’t get along with children, his foster mom says he gets along great with her two boys, ages 8 and 12. It was also noted he tended to guard his food, but his foster mom says otherwise. “We haven’t witnessed that at all. We had him sit before putting his food bowl down, and to test him, took it away while he was eating. He had no reaction at all.”

Pebbles is house trained, crate trained, and knows commands including sit and drop it. What about tricks you ask? Pebbles rings his bells when he needs to go outside!

Cuddles, tricks and the best puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen, Pebbles might just be the perfect golden. But aren’t they all? Interested parents are invited to complete an application.


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