Paris Mari #3735

Paris Mari #3735

Age: 10.5 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Update: November 12, 2023

Ask Paris to pick a pastime that pleases her most, and this gregarious golden would be hard-pressed to choose just one!

Still agile and athletic and feeling younger than springtime, Paris remains passionate about swimming and could swim, swim, swim every day if her family allowed it. Still as friendly and flirty as ever, she relishes running straight to the fence of their house in the hopes of stirring up a conversation with, aka barking enticingly, at the next door neighbors’ dogs.

Still dedicated to her daily routine of frisking and frolicking around the backyard, she remains equally dedicated to dividing her time between watching and chasing squirrels, lizards and bunnies. Still committed to collecting as many cute toys as she can, she prances prettily through the house, carrying at least one of her “babies” for her family to ogle admiringly. Still wild about going for several walks a day, she still walks wonderfully on leash, sniffing every scent and savoring the sunshine.

The only pastime earning a routine “paws-down” from the easily pleased Paris is riding in cars.

Update: January 14, 2023

Paris continues to live her best life, swimming, hanging out with her furry friends, getting as many belly rubs as possible, and several walks every day.  While she has come to love her walks, as long as they are followed by a blueberry snack, she is less of a fan of car rides.  Some holistic therapies have helped calm some of that fear and ease her car and storm anxiety. 

Paris loves her doggy brother Joey, and he seems to have a calming influence on her.  Some  of her favorite activities continue to be playing with her dog pals, visiting through the fence with the neighbor dogs, chasing lizards and squirrels in the back yard, and swimming laps in the pool.  Mealtime and snack time are highlights of her day, along with cuddling with her many stuffed toys. 

We are so happy that Paris is so well loved and that because of your generous donations, she is living out her life surrounded by the love and security of her foster family.

GRRMF is thankful that we can provide this wonderful Sanctuary program to take care of these special dogs, with special needs.  Your donations make this possible and we thank all of our supporters for your love and dedication to this rescue.

Update: November 6, 2021

Still swimming laps and queen of the backyard, Paris enjoys her daily socialization at the fence with her canine neighbors.  After a delightful conversations with her fur buddies with lots of woof, woofs and bow wows, Paris is ready for a snack.  She knows her go to trick (giving her paw/shake) will get her a goody every time!  Besides her love for food, Paris enjoys hanging out with her two fur siblings, Joey and Rusty. Playing bitey mouth and zoomies with Joey is great fun but she will leave both her brothers for a dip in the pool.  

After a full day of swimming, conversation, play and food it’s time for bed.  Her mom confirms that she is a great sleeper who brings down the house with her loud snoring.  Sweet dreams, sweet girl, we’ll be checking on you again soon!

Update: August 21, 2021

Paris is thriving in her new home, with her her new family and swimming pool.  She has been well taken care by loving fosters in our Sanctuary program.  She loves being outdoors and “loves” the pool.  She’s not a gold medalist like Katie Ledecky but she sure is getting a workout- which has been great for her arthritis!

Chasing lizards and squirrels is another one of her athletic sports. She isn’t as fast as they are but she loves the thrill of the hunt.  Paris also keeps herself busy with her stuffed animals and Nyla bones.  When she isn’t busy with these activities she is doing the other two things she likes best, “eating” and “sleeping.”

Although she would rather go straight to the pool, she has learned to “go to house” when told to do so by her foster mom.  She has made some new friends with adults and children and ignores other dogs on her walks.  

All in all, she’s a pretty laid back and mellow dog, who occasionally gives a “woof, woof” at dogs that walk by her house.  This lucky lady is living the good life; sleeping, eating, playing and swimming.  Ask her to swim a length or two in the pool for you and she will gladly say “Oui, Oui!”


Update: December 7, 2020

Dear Paris has become “My Cherie Amore” for foster mom Carolyn; definitely the pretty little one that she adores! In case you don’t remember the song, that translates to “my darling love,” and perfectly describe the mutual affection that has grown between Paris and her human. 

Paris has loved quarantining at home during this pandemic, and Carolyn is thankful Paris has been with her during these challenging days. Most weekends, you’ll find the two of them snuggled on the couch together watching football. Their bond has blossomed to the point that it seems to Carolyn like Paris can read her mind. “She always knows when I need a pick me up. She and I can read each other very well and are best buds!” said Carolyn. 

Paris is still a great hunter, watching or chasing bunnies, squirrels, and especially, lizards. She continues to like belly rubs and playing with her stuffed toys. But it was Paris’ snuggling and kind nature that easily won Carolyn’s heart. They are the perfect match, n’est-ce pas?



Update: May 17, 2020

Paris is doing wonderfully in her forever home, she’s spoiled rotten and is mom’s best pal.  She continues to love her belly rubs and has been dubbed the “belly rub queen”.  In the morning, Paris is awakened with the gentle touch of her mom rubbing her softly; a sweet golden smile and a tail wag denotes her appreciation for such a nice start to the day.

We last reported that Paris had a favorite stuffed skunk toy which was beheaded in February in exchange for a stuffed Golden Retriever that has become her new baby that she carries everywhere.  Yes, that does stink, but Golden Retrievers trump skunks any day!

Paris lives up to her french name and is a real lover.  She gives her mom “the cuddle eyes” when she is ready to snuggle on the couch with her in the evening. When mom finally settles next to her, she smiles with delight as if to say “oui, oui”. 

Blueberries are Paris’ favorite snack, she listens for mom to open the carton and quickly appears in the kitchen in hopes that some will drop on the floor for her to scarf them up. She is obsessed with the blueberries and mom will often sneak a few under the table while she’s eating her meal.

Paris has been working on her basic commands; down, wait and nose touches are in her repertoire. She also meets with GRRMF trainer, Katie Obringer, once a month for positive reinforcement training with regards to her car and dog anxiety. Paris is making small improvements each time.

 In her spare time, Paris is a lizard hunter and she actually does catch them.  Mom says,“She loves the thrill of the chase . . .she is quick like a cat and has it captured in seconds . . .poor lizards!” 

Paris has found a wonderful home with lots of love. Her mom gratefully says “Paris brings so much joy to my life and I am forever thankful to GRRMF for entrusting me with her care and giving me the gift of my best buddy!”


Due to Paris’s ongoing medical issues and expenses, Paris was moved to GRRMF’s Sanctuary program in August 2019.

This lovely girl was brought to GRRMF after her owner realized that living outside due to her human daddy’s allergies was not the best life for her.

Paris took a little while to adjust to being inside a house at her foster home, but she soon adjusted very well and made herself comfortable.

Paris is usually very laidback and she loves getting belly rubs and carrying around her stuffed skunk. You’ll know when she’s happy because she’ll give you a big smile! She likes to be around her humans when they are doing things around the house, but once they settle down to watch TV or work at their desks, she’ll go off by herself to take a nap. Paris is a good girl and knows sit, and is currently working with her foster mom on “waiting” before going out the door. She is housebroken and crate trained, although she does not usually need to be isolated for any reason.

Her foster mom has noticed that she shows signs of fear and protectiveness around people that she doesn’t know. There will be a consultation with a trainer to further assess this, and Paris will no doubt make progress once she becomes more comfortable! She does have some medical issues that she is on medication for and she still needs to be spayed, but she is a very loving and affectionate dog and will make a patient, loving person or family very happy!




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