Nacho Jaspar #3550

Nacho Jaspar #3550

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 45 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Adorable, energetic, cuddly and super sweet lover boy!

To be eligible to adopt Nacho, you must be an approved adopter of GRRMF.  Visit our How to Adopt page to review our process, policies and application.  Please pay special attention to the sections on puppy facts, children and dogs and fences on our website prior to submitting an application for a puppy.  If you are already on our approved adopter waiting list, you will be contacted by an adoption coordinator if you are matched to meet this pup’s needs.

Update From Nacho’s foster mom:
This super soft boy, is definitely a snuggle bug, and loves giving kisses and is ready to be in his forever homes.
Nacho has proven to be quite the smart little man. Initially he tried to squeeze through the backyard fence but he doesn’t seem to try that anymore. Not surprising that this smarty pants is a lizard and squirrel chaser and if he saw one on the other side of the fence, his foster mom is pretty sure that he would try to go after it. So his family always watches him in the yard and they never leave him outside alone – just in case he tries to get sneaky!
Nacho is working very hard on his manners. He now waits for his food to be put down and is told it’s ok to eat. He also waits at the door if told to before running out. Good boy Nacho! He does get possessive if another dog or human tries to take his food when he eating. Once mealtime he is over though, he is ready to cuddle up to his family and be loved and comfy as snug as a bug in a rug.
This healthy and delicious boy found himself in need of a home and GRRMF was delighted to assist him!

When Nacho is in a playful mood he gets major ‘zoomies’ and runs around the house with a toy and is ready to party. His ongoing playful relationship with the vacuum cleaner is best described as wild. He goes crazy when it comes out of the closet and barks and tries to grab it. When he can’t get to it, he’ll snatch anything on the floor that is near him and start grabbing it instead.

Nacho is very much a Velcro dog and doesn’t want to be left alone, so crates and gates don’t really work for him, as he feels isolated. When his foster mom goes out, he is well behaved and does not have any accidents. He loves to eat his food and is a speed eater. This youngster is still a door dasher and would run off, if given the chance. His foster mom found out, that because this pup is small enough to squeeze through the gaps in the fence, he will try to get out every time they go outside – so she keeps him on a leash for his own safety.

If you are looking for a fun boy loaded with lots of puppy energy who loves to play, but will be thrilled to cuddle in your lap and give you special kisses – you might be ready for a bowl full of Nacho!