Mitzie Sallie #3999

Mitzie Sallie #3999

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever Blend

Weight: 40 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


Mitzie is settling into her foster home and has been grabbing a few rays sunbathing by the pool. If you think she resembles Holly Sallie #3998, you would be right- she’s her mother! Mitzie had the same owner that passed away and she needs to find a new forever home.  

Before she can be adopted, GRRMF has to get this darling well. Mitzie has been diagnosed with ear and skin infections and the big H, heart worm!  Many of the dogs in our Healing Hearts section are fighting this very same disease that can be life threatening if left untreated.  Mitzie will be undergoing treatments and tests that will take four months to conclude before she will be given a clean bill of health.

While she is waiting for her treatments to start, Mitzie is getting accustom to her new surroundings and foster family.  At first, she needed some space and time to warm up to her foster brother. A gentle approach and gradual introduction succeeded and now when he barks she runs to his side to see what all the commotion is about. She is gaining more confidence each day and is now following her foster mom and brother around exploring the yard.  Right now, she is more a spectator than a player, she watches the critters in the yard from a distance and enjoys sunbathing but is wary of being on the leash.  When she gets frightened, she heads for her little home and safe place, her crate. “She loves her crate, I leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases, “ states her foster mom. 

Mitzie loves belly rubs, her rotisserie chicken treats and when you talk to her sweetly and soothingly.  “When she looks at you, her soft brown eyes will melt your heart . . . she thumps her tail on the floor to let you know how happy she is when you come home,” says her devoted foster mom.

As her confidence continues to improve her foster mom will start working on leash training and taking her for short walks.  She already knows, sit, shake, let’s go and do your business and her foster mom says,”she loves to cuddle and snuggle.”   Mitzie hasn’t been introduced to children or cats yet but that will come in time. 

With the help of partnering professionals, volunteers and GRRMF supporters, Mitzie will be able to gain her confidence, energy and health back to find her forever family.  Can’t you just see her greeting them by thumping her tail with delight as they arrive home. 

Learn more about heart worm and prevention in our LEARN section of this web page – pass your knowledge forward!



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