Leo David #3803

Leo David #3803

Age: 8 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 80 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

This sweet and stylish gentleman found himself in GRRMF because his family could no longer care for him.

Leo is a true love bug!  He was a doll from the very first night he arrived in his foster home.  He needed some medical attention when he first arrived. With expertise from one of the GRRMF caring veterinarian partners, he is back to his handsome and charming self.

Make no mistake, this smart boy is very aware of his charisma and his ability to steal your heart.  This good natured boy responds nicely during his walks and is learning that “sniffy” walks are a time to relax and learn about his neighborhood. Like all dogs, he looks to his foster mom to keep him safe from new dogs during the walk.  A gentle “let’s go” allows him to know all is well and he is safe.

He truly loves every meal he eats. Leo especially enjoyed the caramel rolls he retrieved from the counter on Christmas morning.  So caution, if you leave food on the counter and turn your back, it is likely it won’t be there when you turn around!

Leo has a manageable dry eye condition and will need daily eye drops for always.  This clever guy has figured out that there is lots of attention during eye drop time and he especially loves the “good boy” and hugs he gets after they have been administered.

He truly believes he is a lap dog and enjoys watching the nightly news in your lap. He will go lay down on his bed, but will give you the saddest eyes on his way there.  His foster mom emphasizes that he is a charmer and a heart breaker.  He loves belly rubs and truly enjoys being with his people.  He gets along with his foster siblings but much prefers his people to other dogs. He will carry a toy in his mouth but is not a “retriever”. He will curl up in his favorite chair and listen to the radio or TV while you are away and he will greet you with happy eyes, wagging tail and his great golden hug upon your return home.  A gentle “down” tells him it’s time to put “four on the floor” but he thrives on additional cuddles and love.

Leo is a lover, not a fighter.  He values lizards but will not chase them.  He watches them in amusement as if to say thanks for the show.  He knows sit, down and wait.  He won’t dash out the door, if you politely ask him to wait.  He is completely house broken and does not require a crate.  He gets a bit anxious in the car but jumps right in and is always ready to take on the next adventure.  He has no behavioral issues beyond hugging, kissing and the occasional counter surf.

Leo will sleep on the bed with you or lay on the floor next to your bed.  As long as he is close to his human, he is a happy boy.  For this reason, we think this dreamboat will do best in a home where he is the star attraction and doesn’t have to share the love with other pets. His foster mom emphasizes that Leo responds to kindness and will not do well with those who insist on yelling to get his attention.  He truly has a lion’s heart of gold that is extremely gentle and kind and is waiting to be the love of someone special’s life.


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