Laura Sandy #3858

Laura Sandy #3858

Age: 4 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 35 lbs.

Status: Medical Hold

Update: November 11, 2020

Laura is recovering after her endoscopic laser surgery to correct her urinary system deformities. She may have lifelong urinary incontinence as the procedure is not always a guarantee.  Due to her expensive and constant medical needs, Laura has been matched with a family on our wait list that is able to give her the care needed currently and forever, no matter the outcome.


Sweet “Lady” Laura came to GRRMF as a special needs puppy. Her previous owner could not afford her very expensive medical care.  Laura has been diagnosed with bilateral Ectopic ureters which is an anomaly of the urinary system that causes urinary incontinence. Laura may have lifelong incontinence if this condition is unable to be corrected surgically.

“Lady” Laura is as sweet and polite as a puppy could ever be; playing gently with children, her 5 pound furry foster sister and the family cat (who set the boundaries for a nose touch and a little “chase me” game).  Laura socially greets other canine friends in the neighborhood calmly, her tail wagging and with an occasional happy jump. When home, she quietly allows the squirrels, lizards and other creatures to go about their business without the threat of being chased.  

Laura takes her household chores seriously at her foster home; it’s important for her to collect and distribute items, such as socks, to her foster mom and dad in exchange for some extra special loving from them.  Her foster mom says, “Laura loves life and helps others love life too.  She has the famous Golden Retriever joy of life. She loves playing with other dogs and family members. She loves to cuddle and romp around in the backyard. She loves to eat and to learn and train with treats.”  At four months, this little lady knows how to sit, shake and go down on command.  Her proud foster mom reports that they are working on distinctions between her toys and household items, not to jump on people to get some loving and being able to gently remove treats and toys from her mouth (which she accommodates nicely).

This little darling tends to get a little sick on car rides that are longer than 15 minutes.  Her foster mom and dad remedied this by giving her some anti-nausea medications to ease her upset tummy.  When Laura is startled by loud bangs and noises she seeks out her foster mom or dad and sits close to them for some added protection and support; she doesn’t want to go towards those scary sounds. 

Laura is crate trained, but when left alone for short intervals this special little girl can be trusted and found sleeping in her little bed when her family returns.  A typical Golden Retriever, she loves being with her family, belly rubs, playing with toys and walks. Laura is housebroken, but due her urinary incontinence, she leaks urine and has to wear a diaper.

It sure would be a great Thanksgiving for Laura if she could be footloose and diaper free! Your generous donations will help Laura get the surgery she needs and will help to support other Healing Heart dogs that have serious medical problems.  We can’t improve their quality of life  and save their lives without you!  


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