Highlander Jenson #3536

Highlander Jenson #3536

Age: 8 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 104 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

Meet Highlander – a gorgeous boy who needed help from GRRMF because his owner could no longer afford to take good care of him.

Highlander or “Lander”, as his foster dad calls him, was very nervous and confused when he first arrived and is now getting in the groove of things and learning to relax.  He has wonderful manners and is a very well-behaved boy who never has accidents and can easily be left alone in the house when his foster family goes out – he does not need a crate.  He never jumps on the furniture and much prefers to sleep on the floor.  What a gentleman!

He follows his family members from room to room because it is important to him to know where everyone is.  He is a back scratch lover much more than a belly rub kind of guy and likes his grooming sessions.  He knows a few basic commands like sit and down and is working to expand his library of additional good behaviors.

Lander arrived with an ear infection and a hot spot which are clearing up nicely.  He accepts his medication like the good ‘lad’ that he is in so many ways! Even his eating habits are improving as he enjoys blueberries, watermelon and apples in his food.

This handsome boy seems to prefer to be inside.  He becomes very concerned when it is time to go outside but he has been working with his family to get more comfy with it.  He will go outside to conduct ‘business’ and then prefers to return to his ‘castle’.  Slowly and surely he has made it out to the front lawn and is beginning to learn the fun of going for a walk.   He is gaining confidence about going outside and with slow and gentle guidance is taking walks at least once a day making it just a bit further with every passing day.

This beautiful gentleman will melt your heart and is looking for a family who has a patient home, that will make him feel safe and comfy so that he can learn for himself just how amazing life can be.