Heather #2935 & Josie #3189

Heather #2935 & Josie #3189

goldens Heather and Josie Sanctuary dogs

Age: 14 years & 10 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Status: Sanctuary

Two Special Angels in One Loving Home describes Heather Samantha and Josie Shae, who are enjoying their life with dignity and love in GRRMF’s Sanctuary Program.

14 year old Heather was placed in the sanctuary program because of her age and overall health issues. She is the social butterfly of the neighborhood and a delight to a handicapped child next door who requests visits that serve as a therapy session for everyone. Heather is on multiple meds, but her disposition is always joyful. She loves her chew bone and enjoys relaxing outside soaking up the fresh air. Her favorite thing is to be wrapped in blankets on the lanai so she can watch the wildlife and will verbalize her desire to have fresh water delivered right to her. “At her age, she is entitled to anything her heart desires,” reports Dad.

10 year old Josie came into the sanctuary program because of cancer and receives multiple daily medications. “She has full run of the house, enjoys doing her daily laps in the pool, and loves to engulf your face, ears and eyes with kisses,” reports Dad. Josie has difficulty getting up and down, but once on her feet will hop like a bunny rabbit. Despite her challenges, she lives each day with a zest for life.

From Danny and Keith – “Being a permanent foster for GRRMF sanctuary dogs has blessed our lives in so many ways and we delight in spoiling them every minute of every day. Each one is unique and offers us a chance to give them the respect and love they deserve. In return they shower us with love and appreciation that only unconditional love from those deep brown eyes can offer! Sometimes we only have a short time with them, but time can be elusive when it comes to love and we have no shortage of that emotion in our home.”

“Being in the sanctuary program for several years, we have loved, and yes we have lost, some truly amazing dogs. Courtney (Cissy) Sophie, Ella Shae, Sierra Oakley, Ellis Austin, Mica Josh and Sary (Sara) Danielle each had a lesson to teach us – we listened, we learned and they left loving imprints on our hearts. There is no price tag anyone can put on the companionship, laughter and love shared between a dog that was left in our care and the happiness we received from each of them. They give us so much more than we could ever give back to them!”

If you’re asking yourself ‘Wow, I don’t think I could handle that, ask yourself how much love does it take to enjoy and enhance a dog’s life, to give a dog who gave a family it’s all, a home in their golden years?


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