Emma Daphne #4240

Emma Daphne #4240

Age: 8 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 72 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

Emma is the sweetest lady who can’t wait to share her snuggles and smiles with you. She is a gentle girl who sometimes forgets just how big and cuddly she is when she leans in to get some loving!

Emma is living in a foster home with 3 other dogs. They are thrilled to have her staying with them, and she immediately joined their group as if they had been best friends for years.  When the neighbors brought their dogs over to play, Emma was ready to party all night. She can never have too many furry friends! Meeting new people makes her smile and wiggle, and although she hasn’t met any small children, there is no doubt that this people-loving girl will make fast friends with kids of all ages.

Emma is house trained, and she doesn’t use a crate. You will find her tagging along with the other dogs as she joins them to follow her foster mom around the house.  Emma responds to her name and will come when called. She understands when you tell her it’s time to eat or go to bed and she is practicing staying in place when asked. She is well-behaved but would rather get up and move so she can be in the middle of the action. Her foster mom says she likes to climb between her legs to get as close as possible to snuggle. You’ll want to hang on tight so this sweet gesture doesn’t knock you off your feet.

Emma pulled several toys out of the basket before selecting the tennis ball as her favorite. She is happy to play a game of fetch and will chase the ball and drop it back at your feet to keep the game going. If her foster mom forgets to bring the ball into the yard, she just tells Emma to go grab it and she runs back into the house to bring it outside for playtime.

Emma is a polite eater, and she stands nearby waiting patiently for her foster siblings to finish their meals. Although she enjoys a few treats, she is limiting her snacks so she can lose some extra unwanted pounds. Thanks to her daily walks and snacking on green beans, she has already dropped 6 pounds. She is a big fan of munching on ice cubes and will be by your side when you go to the refrigerator hoping you will drop one into her mouth.

You are going to have a permanent smile on your face once you bring sweet Emma home!


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