Coco Adele #3663

Coco Adele #3663

Age: 8 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 54 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Coco was lovingly surrendered to GRRMF due to her owner’s illness. Her owner’s wish is to find her a second home where she will be equally as happy. Could that home be yours?

Coco must know it’s gridiron action season because she loves playing with a toy football. In fact, Coco has a blast playing with all kinds of balls, chasing them, tossing them in the air and catching them or just chewing on them. She’s a very smart, sweet pooch with lots of fun loving energy. Like all goldens she’s gentle and affectionate.

Coco is great on a leash, knows and listens to commands, and doesn’t need to be crated.

Coco is bonded with Suzy, her 12-year old sister, meaning they must be adopted together. Both goldens only know a life together with their original owner. Now they are losing that beloved owner, they can’t lose each other as well. If you have room in your heart for one wonderful pet, maybe there’s room for two as well.

Some things just go better together; Coco and Suzy are living proof!