Clooney Owen #3778

Clooney Owen #3778

Age: 6 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 32 lbs.

Status: Medical Hold

Update:  February 12, 2020

What a difference our supporters make!  Look at the before surgery picture of Clooney and now watch the video.  Pretty awesome!

Clooney’s mom reports “this is the most active he’s ever been . . . before surgery he’d run to me one length.”  

Clooney had his stitches removed on January 28th and will go for his post surgery check on February 18th.  His surgery and medical needs have been very expensive and he still could use some help paying off his existing medical bills and needs for the future.  

Clooney sends his heartfelt thanks and love to all his special Valentines that have generously donated to help him be healthy and happy – Woof, Woof !

Update:  January 20, 2020

Clooney had his heart surgery on January 14th and his foster mom reports that he is doing well.  This young pup still has a long road of recovery and rehabilitation.  Many thanks to all his supporters who donated to help get this very serious surgery done for this sweet boy.  Clooney still needs your help with his further medical needs and recovery.  Your heartfelt donations will help us get this little guy well so he can have a healthy and happy future.  You can donate on this webpage or see our facebook page with information on Clooney and other great posts!

Our precious puppy Clooney was surrendered to GRRMF by his breeder. Clooney has a broken heart.

Diagnosed with severe pulmonic stenosis which involves the narrowing of his pulmonic valve leading to elevated pressure on the right side of his heart. A puppy should be full of zoomies and fun but our sweet Clooney needs slow times and lots of gentle and special care and nutrition while he grows old enough and strong enough for his scheduled heart surgery.  In Clooney’s case, his condition is severe and may predispose him to certain complications including the development of congestive heart failure and/or development of arrhythmias that could increase his risk of sudden death.  Our specialists have been consulted and a care plan put in place until his expected surgery date in January.

Clooney arrived at his foster home just in time to meet the whole family including our GRRMF professional dog trainer, Katie.  Katie and everyone else were making a fuss over this cute little boy and he was definitely the star of the show. Clooney was tired from the car ride, but he sure did enjoy the attention he was getting from his new foster family. 

Since Clooney has a very serious heart condition, he is seeing specialists as well as a veterinarian for holistic care to prepare him for his upcoming surgery in January.  At 32 pounds, this young pup is getting three specially prepared meals per day and multiple supplements to help build his strength.  His foster mom reports that she can “feel” the difference in how his heart pumps versus her other two dogs.  This conditions makes him tire easily and even the “zoomies” come to a screeching halt when his energy has been expended.

Despite his medical condition and restrictions, Clooney is a happy puppy who loves to play “bitey face” and rope toy tug of war with his foster fur brother, Max. Since he plays a bit rough, his other foster fur brother isn’t too interested in the puppy nonsense but welcomes little Clooney to cuddle up and sleep next to  him.  When he can’t find a playmate, he amuses himself by tossing toys in the air.  When he isn’t playing with his toys or at his foster moms feet, he likes watching TV and enjoys adding a woof, woof of approval to his favorite canine actors. 

Clooney is a good listener, he tilts his cute little head to one side when someone is speaking to him.  He is working on is commands of sit, down, potty training and no bite.  Clooney adores his golden brothers, they are teaching him the rules of canine behavior and they are lots of fun too!  

Clooney is a pup that is happy and well adjusted in his new home, he is also a puppy that needs a great deal of attention and medical care.  He has been matched with a family that is able to give him the care needed currently and in the tough months ahead.  What he desperately needs from all of his supporters is your generous donation to help with his very expensive medical procedures.  In the famous movie the Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion needed courage, the Scarecrow needed a brain and the Tinman needed a heart. Our little Clooney, has the courage and the brain, but he needs you to give him a heart that is working properly, so that he can enjoy all the wonderful things that a puppy does that warms our hearts every day.   Please Donate now to Clooney’s heart fund – lots of puppy kisses will be coming your way for your heartfelt donation.


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