Cliffy Miller #3632

Cliffy Miller #3632

Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 90 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Update 6/16/18

Checking in with Cliffy’s foster dad and he reported that he is absolutely great at home, loves to go for walks and is always up for a jog.  He is a big cuddler and will try to get  attention by sitting next to his foster dad and putting his big paw on his human’s leg lap.  He doesn’t seem to be bothered by thunder at all but is a little less brave at the vet.  Right now they are working together or car rides so that Cliffy learns that car rides aren’t always to the vet and can be fun times.

Cliffy accompanies his dad on two big walks a day and they both get good solid exercise together.  He absolutely adores  attention and play.  They have 20 minute play sessions together each day with his toys and tennis balls; but especially his large knotted rope. He is strong and the play tug-a-war with the rope takes some strength, which his foster dad enjoys because it is an easy workout for both of them inside the house.  Cliffy is quite the athletic dude!

This gorgeous big guy joined the GRRMF family because his owner was moving and could not take his dog with him.

Introducing Cliffy who can best be described as a handsome lad with lots of love and loyalty in his heart to give.  When he first arrived, he was a little scared and out of sorts.  He saw his crate and crawled right in and went to sleep – knowing he was safe and sound.

After some much needed rest, he bonded to his foster mom right away and shared with her that he loves to play fetch the ball and will even bring toys back too!  He truly enjoys walking and exercise and follows his human everywhere she goes – yup this boy is 100% guaranteed Velcro! He is quite happy to be scratched and rubbed and he makes little whimpering sounds of joy acknowledging how good it feels.  Then he looks up at you with soulful eyes that make your heart melt.

Sweet and playful, he likes to play with his tennis balls and large knotted rope the best out of all of his toys.  He loves Tug-A-War, wiggling his tail fast, tugging on the rope and talking a bit.  His foster dad reports that he has a deep voice that is quite endearing and cute – once you realize that the voice is coming from Cliffy!

Cliffy knows his commands, is perfectly housebroken and just loves his ‘man cave’ crate – where it is always safe.  He will even put himself in it after a rousing game of fetch – to take some time to rest up. Though he does not counter surf or try to grab things, he is pretty interested if you have food.  He is learning to walk on his foster dad’s left side using his harness and leash and is a very good walker.

It’s hard to imagine but this big guy is fearful of some things.  He gets upset when someone comes to the door and will bark for several minutes telling you all about it. Although his baritone bark is very intimidating, he will not walk out the door unless his foster parent goes first.  This big boy responds best to a patient and soft-spoken style as he learns to trust and feel safe.

A calm and stable environment would be a perfect fit for him with perhaps an athletic owner who will love him to pieces and make Cliffy their world.

Is this the guy for you?