Chloe Judie #3597

Chloe Judie #3597

Age: 11 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 96 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption


Update 5/12/2018:

Chloe just weighed in at 96 lbs, reported foster mom Donna.  And that’s just the beginning — Chloe has be medically cleared for adoption!  I certainly hope your application is in!  Her progress surprised everyone but we all knew her foster mom is one in a million, talk about a Happy Mother’s Day.   Chloe is looking forward to her furever home!

Update 5/1/2018:

As suspected, our fantastic foster mom Donna has taken Chloe and is transforming her into a princess!  The vet prescribed medicine that is working on returning Chloe’s skin and hair back to normal.  Now that she is more  comfortable Chloe is becoming a wonderful senior dog, and she is losing weight.  She is now 99 lbs. down from 122 lbs.  Way to go Chloe!!

Because of her nerve damage Chloe has limited hearing and eye sight on one side.  She is easily scared and growls when the other pups approach her on that side.  She loves her belly rubs, car rides and of course her stuffed hedgehog.

Now that Chloe is losing weight and getting her skin problems under control, she deserves a furever home with a loving family that will cherish and spoil her.

Chloe came to GRRMF when her family could no longer manage for her chronic skin problems that required more care than they could afford.  GRRMF stepped in, set her to the vet for an exam and prescribed medicines to control her skin irritations and her ear infection.  Foster mom Donna has taken Chloe under her wing and will nurse her back to health once again.

Unfortunately Chloe will need several trips to the vet and the medicines that will be needed to first get the skin condition under control and then maintain its care while healing are quite expensive.  Check out this face, would you leave her to scratch and itch?  Of course not, neither will Donna or GRRMF.  It will take some time, but you watch this page for an amazing turnaround of this lass.  Watch here for updates on Chloe!

Chloe is a very mellow, obedient lady that likes to play with toys, go for walks and loves to ride in cars.  She walks well on her leash, is house broken and doesn’t need to be crated.  Chloe loves to be around her humans and is very Velcro, often lying down at or on your feet.  Being overweight, Chloe is now starting her diet and will be fit and trim come adoption time.

Don’t overlook this wonderful senior that is looking for a wonderful forever home.