Braken Jett #4295

Braken Jett #4295

Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 80 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption

This sweet boy is ready and waiting to join your family and become your new best friend. Braken recently came to GRRMF after his owner passed. At first, he was a bit nervous and scared with all of the changes going on in his life. After spending only a short time with his caring foster mom, Braken is starting to feel safe and loved. He is beginning to adjust to his new surroundings and will show off his smile when he hears kind words or gets a gentle touch. His foster mom says he is a real sweetheart who is an absolute gentleman.

Braken is happiest in a quiet and peaceful environment, preferably with his person by his side. However, he is comfortable enough to be left alone for a few hours. He just curls up on his dog bed for a snooze while he waits for you to come back home.

When Braken wants to get your attention, he will nudge your hand or elbow with his nose. Belly rubs are at the top of his list of favorites, and he is a big fan of grooming time so he always looks his best.

Braken enjoys going outside for a leisurely stroll around the backyard and prefers doing that instead of taking a walk on his leash. He has spent some time chilling out on the pool steps but hasn’t been inclined to jump in for a swim yet.

Braken hasn’t shown much interest in playing with toys but will sometimes pick one up to carry to his bed. He is housetrained and knows commands like sit and stay. He has shown no inclination to climb on the furniture and is content to sleep on the floor by your bed all night.

According to his foster mom, Braken loves his meals and special treats like string cheese. He is a gentle eater who doesn’t beg for food, but always appreciates yummy snacks. With a little more activity and fewer treats, he is hoping to drop a couple of unwanted pounds.

You will be rewarded with a lifetime of devotion when you bring this gentle boy home.




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