Blue Nevada #3865

Blue Nevada #3865

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 60 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption


Update: January 16, 2021

He might be a “tri-pawd” dog, but you wouldn’t know it.

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He loves running down the yard to play fetch and he is equally as good at letting you chase him for it when he brings it back.  Sweet Blue is doing amazingly well, not only with learning how to balance on three legs, but with a whole host of other things. “His personality is just as warm and inviting as those adorable eyes of his and he is a true snuggle-buddy that loves to sleep in bed with us,” reports his foster mom.  And that’s not all – he loves when the kids come to visit, he greets people nicely and he has a gentle demeanor that makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

Blue’s Labrador retriever traits have also come out.  He loves to sneak into the bathroom when the water is warming up in the shower to enjoy the pleasure of water rushing over him, sometimes he’s lucky enough to get a bubble bath wash down by his foster mom.  Blue’s sweet nature is evident by his willingness to share his food, bones and toys, his foster mom reports that he has zero issues with resource guarding. 

His foster family have been working with him on some of his fear issues, he is no longer scared of the hair dryer or the ceiling fan. Some noises and dark spooky places outside can startle him, but his foster mom is gradually introducing him to these things by taking short walks. Blue isn’t overly fond of the television and computer monitors when they show faces including his foster mom’s; his foster dad showed him it was his mom’s face and he just looked embarrassed and sat down. Blue is busy working with his professional trainer to show him ways to adapt better physically and emotionally to things that frighten him. He’s been putting in the work and the improvement is showing.

He is also a good watch dog, except when he falls asleep on the job.  This fit and trim guy does enjoy a good meal, he’s a great eater but he knows his manners and never begs. When sleeping, Blue will occasionally run and quietly bark in his sleep. We think he must be dreaming about his forever home – playing fetch and joyfully barking to greet his loving family when they come home. This sweet boy has come a long way and he works every day to get stronger. As his foster mom delightfully says, “Just like Mary Poppins, he is nearly perfect in every way!”


Update: December 19, 2020

Blue had his stitches removed and the vet has cleared Blue for adoption!!!!


Meet Blue Nevada, our newest furry family member. This sweet boy did not have a home and desperately needed tender love and medical care for his left leg that was badly broken.  It appeared that he had most likely been hit by a car and left.  

Unfortunately, his leg could not be saved so this sweet soul is now a tri-pawd!  But don’t let this guy’s name fool you, our brave Blue isn’t blue at all about his missing leg. He is very busy right now, learning how to walk on three legs and becoming a shining star of the tri-pawd club.  This is a very elite group of dogs that are resilient and have overcome the loss of a limb to live a happy and fun-filled life on three legs.  

For now, Blue is on plenty of medication to help him recover from his surgery.  It’s time now for him to get all the love his heart can hold from his foster family.  Blue hasn’t had a chance to meet any children close up yet, but his foster mom said he has shown interest in meeting them and when he feels better, there is a list of fans who will want to hug him.  Cats have not been introduced yet and he doesn’t show any interest in the lizards. Since he is the only dog in the house, he is sure to get treated like royalty.

Even though Blue is on medications and probably not up to his true self yet, his foster mom reports that “Blue is probably one of the sweetest ‘honorary’ goldens I have ever met; he is so gentle and loving.”  He doesn’t guard his food or his peanut butter bone and he loves being petted all over; including his legs, feet, tail, ears and even his snout (which usually generates a little kiss for his foster mom). Blue loves the company of his foster mom, especially when she massages his shoulders to help him sleep, in fact, he cries the blues when she leaves his side.

It’s hard to know what Blue has experienced in life. Right now, he is frightened of so many things, most likely because he is unfamiliar with what he is experiencing.  Even a hairdryer and a television seem foreign to him. Car rides are not number one on his list of things to do yet, but considering where those rides have taken him – it’s probably not hard to imagine why he isn’t a fan.  Once he is ready for prime time and feeling more adventuresome, his foster mom has assured him that he will be going to fun places!  

It appears that Blue may not know many obedience commands. His foster mom has even tried saying them in another language, but so far he is not too eager to respond. It may just be that he doesn’t feel like it quite yet, as he is still recovering.  No worries though, his foster mom is ready to help train him when he gives her the signal. Although Blue doesn’t need to be isolated, crate training is a bit difficult for him at the moment, since Coneheads” don’t fit in crates too well”, says his foster mom.  

All these things will come in time for this wonderful young dog. The best thing Blue can do now is to recuperate and rejuvenate. Our lucky boy has a foster mom who has all the patience in the world for her foster sweetheart.  They work together every day on introducing him to new objects, sounds, environments and commands.  We think it is going to be a whole new wonderful world for our Blue and we are going to help him get there. 

Your donations to our Healing Heart dogs is what will give Blue that second chance. The chance to walk without pain, to learn new things, to be exposed to new sounds and adventures, to overcome his fears and to live a happy, healthy life in his forever home. 

Watch for our updates on Blue, because he is going to be looking for you!  He won’t be “Singin’ The Blues,” he will be barking “Thank You!”


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