Bella Noni #4238

Bella Noni #4238

Age: 13 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Status: Sanctuary

Update: April 16, 2024

Adored by her loving Sanctuary foster family, Bella is enjoying each day playing ball, getting belly rubs and eating plenty of delicious food. Watch Bella chase her favorite ball.  Having lost a leg and being diagnosed with metastasis cancer, Bella lets nothing stop her.  You go girl!!


If you ever have a day when you feel down and blue, let this drop of sunshine give you a boost of joy, willpower, courage, and love.  Sporting that beautiful golden smile, Bella came to GRRMF from a nearby shelter. When she got to her foster home she fell in love with her foster family and with playing ball.  

Even with a lump on one toe and what was thought to be an enlarged lymph node on another toe, she would run and run to catch up to her ball – all she wanted to do was play more! She never gives up on fetching her ball and if someone won’t play with her, she will toss it away and run to chase it down and toss it again. 

Bella had to have further tests on her right leg that showed that the lump and lymph node were cancerous tumors. Bella would need to have surgery to remove the tumors that had spread throughout her front leg. The surgery further revealed that the cancer had traveled to other organs of her body and that most likely the cancer would return quickly.  Tough decisions had to be made for our sweet girl regarding any further treatment. It was humanely decided, by the GRRMF Board of Directors, to place Bella in the Sanctuary program with maintenance medications and no further invasive procedures.  Bella will live the rest of her life with her very special GRRMF foster family; which happens to be the family that has been fostering her from the beginning.  

Bella’s permanent fosters adore her and she is affectionate and loving with them.  Her days will be filled with playing ball (she is just as fast on three legs as she was on four), belly rubs, having spa days, walks and lots of cuddles and love!  Bella is fearless, strong, courageous, and brave! She knows not her destiny, nor does she care – she’s just keeping her eye on the ball and enjoying every moment of every day!

With the support of our donors who help fund our sanctuary program we are honored to help deserving dogs, like Bella, live out their lives with comfort, love and special care. 


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