Bailey Dharma #3696

Bailey Dharma #3696

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight: 86 lbs.

Status: Pending Adoption

This sweet, playful girl was brought to GRRMF after her owner’s living situation changed and she could no longer be kept.

Bailey arrived at her foster mom’s and made herself right at home! She got on very well with her foster siblings and soon began to make her presence known. She loves to play with them, although she can be a bit pushy when she gets excited and will throw her weight around to let everyone know “Here I am!” Despite this, she responds well to the “back” command and will soon calm down. Her playful spirit just can’t help it sometimes! She is good with cats, but would be better in a home without kids.

Bailey’s playfulness is also apparent with the cat that belongs to her foster mom’s son. She shows that she can be mischievous when she sneaks in to steal the cat’s toy and then runs away with it! Luckily, the cat is very patient and forgiving and doesn’t seem to mind Bailey’s antics. It’s good that Bailey enjoys being playful because exercise for her is essential! She is a bit overweight and needs plenty of activity. She likes to go for walks but needs a bit more work with walking on a leash. Her foster mom is working diligently with her on this. Bailey also loves car rides and always wants to be in the front seat although she can’t really fit! She will stay in the back upon being coaxed, but always has to be in physical contact with her humans.

Bailey is on medication for an ear infection and skin issues, and recently had a re-check. She looks much better and does not let these things get in her way! She is a good girl and has perfected  the “sit” command. She is still working on “stay” and others, but she is eager to learn and can succeed with the right training and environment! Be careful with her on New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July, and other holidays that involve fireworks. She does not like them and will be hard pressed to leave her humans’ side. Gentle encouragement and comforting will go a long way. Overall, adopting this precious girl, will be very rewarding and satisfying for the right family!

If you love getting exercise and are looking for a best friend who will be your active loving playmate, this affectionate girl may be for you! She is eagerly awaiting her “fur”ever home.