Amber Joelle #3961

Amber Joelle #3961

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 47 lbs.

Status: Not Ready For Adoption


BREAKING NEWS:  Amber had her puppies!!!  Stay tuned for more information this coming week on the Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida Facebook page and the GRRMF webpage. Read her story below.


GET THOSE FIREWORKS READY – this cutie from Louisiana is pregnant and about to share some beautiful puppies in the care of GRRMF!  Before you get too excited about puppies, here’s your chance to get to know the momma to be.

This sweet girl is a bundle of love and affection.  According to her foster mom, Amber is very friendly and lovable, “her eyes smile when you talk to her and she adores belly rubs and being petted.”  She is doing well with her furry foster sibling but it is necessary to make sure feeding is a separate event for both of them.  Amber is protective of her food bowl and also her new Nylabone which she quickly buried into her bedding.  This poor baby is very thin for her delicate conditions; it makes sense that food and anything of value is important for her to protect.  

Amber has won the lottery now, GRRMF has made sure of that!  She is in a loving foster home that is providing the proper nutrition, love and attention that she desperately needs.  Her foster family are also experienced in the needs of the mother and puppies during birth and caring for them during this very special and critical time in their lives.  

As far as fun goes, Ambers life is on hold right now.  Her mothering skills and energy will be needed for the puppies. Diagnosed as heartworm positive, Amber will have to undergo a four month process to heal and rid her heart of this potentially life threatening disease.  This treatment cannot begin until she is no longer nursing her puppies (approximately eight weeks after giving birth). Amber is looking at six months of a life devoted to motherhood and getting well.  

After her pups are independent and she is well, Amber will be looking forward to finding her forever home! Her foster mom reports that she is very friendly with adults and teenagers; young children and cats have not been introduced yet. While out in the yard, she hasn’t paid much attention to squirrels, lizards or bunnies.  Amber is house broken, crate trained, comes when called and loves being close to her foster mom.  We think that she might have been training for the olympics before her life went downhill as she is able to jump over high things and needs to be supervised when outdoors. 

As you can see, Amber has a long journey ahead of her.  She’s a young dog and with your help and support Amber and her pups will be able to live full and rewarding lives with families that will love and care for them forever.  It’s the 4th of July this weekend – what better time to give your support towards the care and love Amber and her new family will need and deserve.  As we look forward to celebrating the birth of Amber’s puppies, GRRMF thanks you for your support for all our rescues and wishes you a safe and special holiday celebrating the birth of the United States of America! 


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