Adopted Cane pays it forward as a foster

Adopted Cane pays it forward as a foster

“Stories are always better when you start at the beginning” says Melanie, Cane’s forever Mom and more.   Neil and I had been GRRMF fosters for just over a year and had fallen in love numerous times. We found ourselves empty nesters when our little  man Kojak (a sheltie) crossed the rainbow bridge after a short but mighty fight with kidney cancer.  Our foster’s would fill our hearts for a little while, then move on to their forever homes.  We kept telling each other that we weren’t ready for another dog of our own. We were happy just being foster’s.

Then along came Cane!  It was Neil that first uttered the phrase “He’s a keeper!”.  I was like “Well alrighty then” and just like that we gained a new title, “GRRMF Adopter”!  Cane has been a perfect fit into our family.  He has a special knack for making anyone he comes in contact with think they are his most favorite person in the world. He a big talker but has to have a favorite toy in his mouth first.  Chasing a tennis ball ranks high up there as well.  In fact, Cane is the reigning gold medalist in the GRRMF Reunion DogOlympics tennis ball fetch in Feb 2018!

Perhaps his most notable accomplishment or certification is that of AWESOME foster brother! Cane plays a huge role as part of our foster family. The patience, attention, sharing, playing and teaching that he freely gives every dog that comes into our home amazes me. Sure there have been times when he looked at me as if to say “Really Mom?” but then goes about doing what Cane does best, making sure they feel welcome, know our routine and sometimes reminding them who is boss! We soon learned that on “gotcha day” for our fosters, it was just as important for Cane to say goodbye and see them leave with their new family as it was for us.

I am convinced he can understand much of what I say and definitely reads my mind, I just wish I could read his.

Cane truly has a heart of gold and we feel like we won the jackpot!

Cane, Melanie and Neil,  like all of our foster families, are so special to GRRMF as there is a direct connection to the number of foster homes and how many dogs we can save. We always have a need for foster homes and homes that will foster super special dogs who need medical or behavioral care as well as sanctuary homes providing a forever GRRMF home for dogs who cannot be adopted due to various assessed reasons. If you have a passion to save one or more goldens in your life,  please consider being a foster home and complete an application for us to be aware of your interest.






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