Meet Trooper – 2023 GivingTuesday

An Old Dog Finds Love!

Imagine one day you are happily snuggling with your best friend, then suddenly that beloved buddy is gone, and you don’t know why.

That’s what happened to Trooper when his family dynamics changed and they could no longer care for him.  Life for Trooper quickly became lonely and confusing, but at GRRMF we work hard to find older dogs a special home where they can get a second chance.

After learning that Trooper, at 12 years old, was deaf, GRRMF trainers worked with Trooper’s new family to help them understand what Trooper needed and how to help him.

Thanks to your kind donations, Trooper’s traumatic situation turned joyful when he found his loving family.

This GivingTuesday please remember Trooper and how GRRMF helps senior dogs find the care and attention they deserve.

Your generosity is golden!


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