It’s a new year!

Helpful tips for new year fun with your golden!

Ready for the new year? How about your gorgeous Golden Retriever? Have they taken up a few bad habits this year… destructive chewing, raiding the garbage or maybe rough play? The problem may be they are not getting enough exercise and attention from their favorite two legged companion. Exercising your dog can help to reduce the behaviors listed above and helps keep your golden healthy and happy.

Why not try something different for this new year.   Plan a hike or better yet, a series of hikes. There are plenty of dog-friendly walking trails in Central Florida. Check out some of the trails listed at Florida trails or Florida hikes. If you’re inclined, let your dog lead the way on a nice run. Bring along water for Fido as well as yourself and be sure to check for any pesky ticks when you get home. two goldens on leashes chasing turtle

Don’t forget your local dog park for some socialization. Just remember to stay with your dog and be prepared to help her take a break if the play action gets too intense. Looking for a dog park in your area? Check your local city web page or try here.

Remember that the best playmate for your dog is YOU!   A game of fetch in the back yard will bring a smile to you as well as your dog. And since you are in a fenced yard, you won’t be embarrassed by neighbors watching you do those dance moves or lunges while you throw the ball – get some exercise yourself as well while you’re at it. Have the kids join in the games and play a little “pickle in the middle” to see who is faster at catching the ball! A game of “keep away” will encourage your pup to chase you to claim her special toy. Remember to give lot’s of praise and rewards…make it fun for your dog!

If you have a swimming pool, invite your four-legged baby to join you and the family in some water aerobics or play fetch in the pool and swim with  your dog to the ball. Rinse your dog off after a session in the pool to remove the chlorine just as you would for yourself.
And always supervise your pet while in the pool. You wouldn’t leave your child alone in the pool – don’t leave your dog alone either.


Zoey and Lucy calendar

Try a little “mental exercise”.  Explore nose work – begin with a treat in one closed hand and tell your dog to “Seek” or “Find it”. Be dramatic – dogs love a good show. If he finds it right the first time reward him with praise AND the treat. If he’s wrong, show him the treat but DON’T give it to him. Start again – you’ll be surprised at how quickly he will progress to finding hidden treats in other places. You may find that your dog really enjoys this activity so much that you progress to trying it with the lights out and then look into more serious nose work training. Be sure to give lots of encouragement and praise.

And of course, the daily walk using Woof Trax will benefit you, your dog, and Golden Retriever Rescue. It’s simple to download the app and start earning much needed donations for GRRMF. Go here to learn more and then download from your Apple Store or Google Play and start moving.









Whatever your choice is – be sure you schedule a regular exercise time for you and your pet to help ensure a long and healthy relationship.


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