The Gate Reunion Event

Bring a photo to the reunion for a tribute to your angel

We will have a new event this year which we are calling The Gate to honor the memory of our pets on the bridge. 

Located close to the welcome table, we will have an area set aside for you to write a tribute about your pet who is waiting for you on the bridge. Bring a beloved photo, no larger than 4 x 6 please, and we will incorporate your photo and tribute into an annual memory at each reunion as well as post on our web and FB pages.

If you wish to bring a tribute, we will be incorporate it into the tribute book.

The Gate – by Dee Webber, GRRMF adopter and friend

No matter how old, how sick, and how tired,
No matter how many tears you have cried,
I promise you, now, that your puppy runs free
And shares in the love that he gets now from Me.

And, on the day when you’re ready,
He will patiently wait,
Till you walk up the path,
To meet at the Gate.

Heaven stands ready,
No matter the date,
You will find that he’s waiting,
For you at the Gate.


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If you have completed our adoption application, and/or have another inquiry, please use the email link to contact us.

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