A Tribute to Rusty

Welcomed to GRRMF: April 5, 2012 -- Rainbow Bridge: November 17, 2021

So many dogs come to GRRMF that we can help to heal and be rehomed to approved adopters where they will find their forever homes. Some need continued care, like Rusty, who will remain in GRRMF’s loving arms in our Sanctuary program where they will live the rest of their days with a very special GRRMF foster family.

In the words of noted American author Willa Cather: “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” And for a severely neglected and extremely sick Rusty, entering our Sanctuary in April 2012, he was that miracle. Immediately welcomed into a loving foster family unfazed by the 7-year-old’s appalling appearance or by his need for heartworm and hookworm treatments, they not only nursed him back to health, they nurtured his spirit, releasing his inner puppy and watching him bloom. Soothed by the sultry Florida sunshine, perpetually petted and pampered, he played “bitey face” with his younger Golden siblings, romped around the backyard, deftly skirting the pool, and acted the adoring “uncle” to several equally adoring children. Known for jumping up and down whenever meals were served, he was also known for a lion-like roar that belied his genuine gentleness, while his legendary lust for life gifted his giving family with 9 ½ years of unconditional love. And so, when that famous flame faded, it was his faithful family’s final act of love that set him free — to soar above the clouds, beyond the rainbow. Now, blessed with memories too numerous to count, graced by his glorious Golden smile, they are secure in the knowledge that Rusty’s reciprocal love will warm their hearts forever.


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