2024 Spring Reunion Dog Olympic Medalists in St. Cloud

Dog Olympics special Medalists

It was a beautiful day and the dogs were ready to play.  Games were Popcorn Toss, Sit/Stay and of course Tennis Ball Retriever.

The groups were divided into Ages of 0-5 and over 5.  And the winners are:

Popcorn Toss – Age group – 0 – 5
1st – Charlie Pouliot
2nd – Rennie Driscoll
3rd – Jazzy McGuire

Popcorn Toss – Age group 5+
1st – Hurri Francis
2nd – Bailey Lee
3rd (tie) – Madison Vincent
3rd (tie) – Misty Hertz

Sit/Down/Stay Age group 0 – 5 
1st – Mya MacMillan
2nd – Rennie Driscoll
3rd – Cooper Foerster

Sit/Down/Stay Age group  – 5+ 
1st – Madison Vincent
2nd – Hurri Francis
3rd – Rylee Russell

Tennis Ball Retriever –  All ages
1st – Hurri Francis
2nd – Mya MacMillan
3rd – Jazzy McGuire

A special thank you to all that participated and the volunteers that helped.


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