2018 Healthy Paws Rescue Race

We need your vote!!

Fantastic news!!!

Our thanks to a wonderful set of people, who worked tirelessly to put together our entry, GRRMF was selected to participate in the Healthy Paws Rescue Race (see story below).  This means we have the ability to win up to $20,000 for GRRMF!!!   The race starts November 16th and runs through November 29th, 2018.

And that is where YOU come in!!  All you need to do is open the link and vote for GRRMF!  A minute of your time may mean the ability for GRRMF to help a dog in medical need!

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When voting, remember to select GRRMF and scroll to the bottom of the page to check the “I am not a robot” box and select the state you reside in and submit! Your single important vote counts!

We will be awarded grant funding upwards of $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the number of voters we get during this time!

PLEASE invite your friends, customers, donors, neighbors and social media fans to vote with you! Only one vote per person is allowed. All suspicious votes will be disqualified from the final voting tally by Healthy Paws.

Our winning story:

8 month old Nova, a golden retriever blend, almost lost her life when hit by a car.  She was turned in to a local shelter by her owners, as they could not afford her vet bills necessary for the urgent care of her serious injuries.

With a shattered elbow and bone shards in her shoulder, the shelter requested our help!  GRRMF to the rescue.  Nova was greeted by our village of volunteers and was admitted to our emergency vet and specialists. She received pain management, triage and received the surgery necessary to stave off amputation.  She was put into our Healing Hearts program that utilizes long term fosters who also worked with her during a long period of rehabilitation.

Adopted by that wonderful foster, he confides, “she filled the empty spaces I knew I had, and filled the voids I never knew I had!”  Nova means chasing butterflies in the Native American Culture.  In a sense her kind and gentle demeanor expresses this.  She makes everyday count and the family loves her and cheered her on.  “She gives hope and of course love!”  She is enjoying her carefree life, thanks to GRRMF.


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