2017 Reunion view from Montana

Montana's View of the Reunion

I am so excited!  I love to go on adventures and this is my first GRRMF reunion!  After a two-hour ride, which blessing 2admittedly made me a little nervous – because the last long car ride I was on, was when I came into rescue last year.  But, when I hopped out of the car and saw dogs like me everywhere, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  So many happy dogs on leashes with smiling humans on the other end or on a blanket with their families.
Everyone’s tails and tongues were wagging and all were sniffing and hugging each other!  Love was all around us!

I was well positioned between the welcome table-optWelcome Table and the Photo Booth– I got to see everyone as they were walking in and as they put on their best smiles for a family photo.  So many beautiful goldens –  tall and small ones, lean and clean ones, round and wide ones, petite and sweet ones – it was incredible!  I remembered that I used to be round and wide but good food and lots of exercise helped me to shed 30 pounds and I feel so much better.  I shared that secret in the ears of some of my new friends that I met, and they winked at me as if to say, they wanted to shape up too!

The Welcome Table Team was handing out fabulous goodie bags loaded with cool stuff – from toys to bandanas to snacks to trinkets.   goodie bags  It was awesome.  I was so happy to get mine because there were plenty of goodies for me to share with my two GRRMF brothers at home – next year they are going to come with me to experience all the wonder that I did!  It was the best time ever!

-by Lyn Holliday



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