Kesha Marilyn #3509

Kesha Marilyn #3509

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Retriever Blend

Weight: 56 lbs.

Status: Ready For Adoption

Kesha, 3509KeshaMarilynEFP_opt 350who was rescued from a shelter by a family and then realized she had too much puppy enthusiasm for them turned to GRRMF for help.  We quickly discovered a loving, attentive 1 to 2 year old pup who is confident and loves to sit in your lap for lovin, play fetch, play in the water and go on walks and car rides. She needs some help in walking with less pulling energy so a good harness and training will help there. She loves to be where people are and is energetic, snugly and smart. She is crate trained and will go into a crate willingly however does fine in the house when left alone outside the crate. She enjoys hanging out with her foster dog and will enjoy a good play time (to exhaustion), she is also getting along with the fosters kitty. She loves a good scratch of the neck or back and will stretch with joy to encourage you to continue. 3509KeshaMarilynFFP (2)

She is protective when another dog approaches her food or wants to take her toy but does not display this behavior with humans. She knows sit and paw, responds when you call her name and stay and off is a work in progress.

This happy, sweet girl is looking for a home to call her forever home and a family that will gently guide this girl into becoming the best girl we know she will be.3509KeshaMarilynGFP (2)