Frankie Abbie’s Success Story

Frankie Abbie’s Success Story

Frankie Abbie, now known as Gretchen not only responded to her new name within three days, this “Miss America of the golden retriever set,” in the words of her adoring mom, now has her wrapped around her golden paws!

Having adopted 14 dogs (many of them seniors) from GRRMF since 1998, her mom had just lost her last one, and looked forward with great anticipation to adopting Gretchen.

Now her world revolves around this bright, beautiful and well-behaved sweetheart who swiftly settled in as queen of her new domain. Extremely affectionate, Gretchen loves snuggling with her mom and then nestling comfortably in her arms while they sleep. When she wants to wake her up in the morning, she puts her muzzle on her neck and tickles her. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing.

Effusive in her greetings, Gretchen truly loves when visitors come to call. After welcoming them, she gets one of her bones, usually an antler, chews on it awhile, then returns and proudly shows it off to them. (She’s very proud of her bone collection). Since her mom mostly works from home, they’re together most of the time, and all of the students she sees love Gretchen, ensuring she receives lots of attention.

Enthusiastic and energetic, Gretchen also loves going on twice daily walks around the circle where they live, followed by running zoomies in the backyard several times a day. Infatuated with her brother, Marley, a 12-year-old golden from another rescue, she makes her mom smile when she tries to get Marley to play with her. She’ll run circles around him, paw at him, and play bow until he starts to chase her. He can’t run as quickly as she can, so she lets him catch her, and they roll around like two little puppies.

Her mom joyfully admits that she’s lucky to have both Gretchen and Marley in her life. She couldn’t have asked for a more compatible pair.  


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